It is written that you can judge a fanzine by their choice of launch bands. Okay, no-one would ever write that, but this chump is going to deduce that new blogzine Reeks Of Effort has pretty good taste, based on this here opening bash. Four bands from within the Joy geographical remit; four highly recommended ways to further your guitar-based happiness. Of particular note are… Saturday’s Kids, riding a constantly swelling wave of popularity from mainland European tours to the weekend’s Yes Way festival in London. Fully deserved too: their racket is scrappy and tasty, ranging from nervy yelping to slowed down, creeped-out instrumental tricksiness. A blast. Joanna Gruesome are newer pups on the block, but are already making intriguing tunes that mix soppy C86 tweeness with fuzzy guitar throb. Wet but not soaking we’re saying. And Yajéwill open things proper style with effects pedal scree and eardrum waspbuzz, gold melodies fighting to somehow break through the squall. Look at all those Bandcamp URLs down there. MODERN THRILLS.

Reeks Of Effort is a blog (http://reeksofeffort.wordp​ dedicated to D.I.Y shit and independent music written by five nerds from Cardiff.

And now there’s a zine coming! It’ll feature interviews with people like Jennifer Clavin, Mazes, Former Ghosts and other fun shit- so we decided to put on a show to celebrate etc. A pound a band!



Saturday’s Kids:

If you’re from Cardiff you know what to expect. But yes, post punk noise with elements of emo, trail of dead, post rock or whatever else they hoover up. Released a 10 inch recently with a picture of a gorilla on it. Feel free to harrass their singer at any given point.
FFO: Sonic Youth, The Fall, Moss Icon, Fugazi.



Bristol trio with boy-girl shouty vocals and plenty of whoaaaaaaahs but in the really,really fun way rather than the gruff punk way. Basically pop punk done right for once.
FFO: Lemuria, Slingshot Dakota, P.S Eliot

Joanna Gruesome:

C86 style fivesome with boy-girl unshouty vocals and noise rock bits. Expect syrupy harmonies with guitar abuse to balance it all out. Kind of incestuously connected to Saturday’s Kids and Evariste Galois so expect some familiar faces.
FFO: Henry’s Dress, Galaxie 500, early My Bloody Valentine.​


Featuring ex-members of Pretty Girls, Failed NASA Experiment etc. Will hesitate to use phrases like ‘free form’ but it’s genre-ignoring experimental shit encompassing everything from straight up lo-fi indie rock, surf, outsider, blues,noise pop etc etc etc etc. Plus it still manages to be fun. Spiritually, if not always sonically, similiar to bands like Faust.

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