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Thought Forms Impov Set / Live Broadcast

As part of the Lea Grove live broadcast Thought Forms play a very special improv set in intimate surroundings.


Thought Forms

Invada Records’ Thought Forms are that very rare band for whom the term “sonic progression” actually applies. With the Wiltshire three piece’s critically acclaimed eponymous debut, the band experimented with a beguiling, compelling atmospheric sound, all cinematic soundscapes and yawning chasms of noise. With their sophomore effort Ghost Mountain, the band found their teeth, biting back with a monster of a record that sounded as visceral and immediate as it was loose and experimental, and appearances on the award-winning Ex Machina soundtrack and with Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra have cemented the band’s position in the vanguard of exciting, experimental new British acts.

Now, with their third full length release ‘Songs About Drowning’, Charlie Romijn (guitars / vocals), Deej Dhariwal (guitars / vocals) and Guy Metcalfe (drums) kick it up yet another notch, pushing the boat out even further to create a strange, intoxicating album, their most accomplished to date and certainly their most fascinating.

“We’d been playing live so much that we’d been rehearsing for gigs but not just playing together and seeing what happened”, Charlie Romijn recalls. “So when Geoff’s old studio SOA was empty after they moved to the new Invada HQ on the other side of town, we locked ourselves away in there, stayed there for days just making a racket and figuring out what kind of sound we wanted to explore next. We knew we wanted our next album to feel spacious and more expansive than anything we’d done before and that we didn’t want to limit ourselves in any way.

A contributing factor of this sea-change was the addition of Jim Barr, who, besides owning the J&J Studio in Bristol and playing bass in both Get the Blessing and Portishead, also produced ‘Ghost Mountain’ and has been a strong ally of the band since they first toured with Portishead back in 2011. “He pushed us beyond anything we’d done previous to that and was really inspiring”, Charlie says. “We knew he would be direct and honest and as big fans of his music, we felt we’d be in good hands with him. This time, as well as producing, he was welcomed in as part of the band…there’s really not many people we’d consider allowing into the creative process like that”.

The resultant album is Thought Forms at their most refined, although that doesn’t mean that it lacks a pulse by any stretch of the imagination. Instead it’s the opposite – by combining songwriting methods they’d used in the past, they honed and sharpened their sound to a knife edge. The colossal, completely improvised opus “Aeaea” slowly builds into a maelstrom of beautifully attuned noise with piano, drums and even horns adding to its perfect storm. Similarly, “Forget My Name” and “By the Stars” build on improvised drum patterns to become beautifully hypnotic, seductive tour de forces which rank among the band’s best yet. With the band adding new instruments and a new level of confidence into the mix, ‘Songs About Drowning’ could well be the record that sees Thought Forms getting the recognition they so richly deserve as unparalleled British sonic noiseniks bar none, and see them carrying on the proud lineage of off-kilter noise pop, joining the ranks of My Bloody Valentine, Suicide and many more.

Lea Grove Collection Radio Show

Sometimes he surprises, always he delights, Ian’s record collection is as diverse as they come. Join him every Monday from 7pm as he hand picks another selection just for you ..

Exchange Bristol
Porridge Radio / Garden Centre / Pink Grapefruit / Lawndale High



GARDEN CENTRE (brighton)




£5 or pay what you can (no one turned away for lack of funds)

all ages

resepect eachother and the venue

dont listen to porridge radio too much as it will be too emotional

accessibility info soon

Transport Club Cardiff
Last Ever RFTS Gig feat. Trust Fund / Speed Skater / Pup Tent

The last ever show at RftS. Sob!

But it’s a bona fide belter. And it’s a fundraiser for Solidarity Not Silence, so stick that in your misogynist pipe and smoke it.

Trust Fund

Perfect pop genius. We owe them the world.

Speed Skater

Winter Olympians released one of the records of 2017.

Pup Tent

Reconstituted gravy.

£5 suggested donation on the door. Or more!

Roll For The Soul Bristol
Wave Promotions presents… Electric Swing Circus

Wave Promotions presents:

Electric Swing Circus

Exchange, Bristol, GB

Fri, Dec 22, 2017  7:30 PM

£12 / £13.50 Adv

Entry Requirements: 18+

Electric Swing Circus

The ESC’s sound is a powerful combination of vintage samples, electro beats, gypsy-jazz guitar, electric double bass, keys, live drums and dirty synths. Fronted by an engaging female double-act, who perform an extensive variety of vocal styles, the ESC delivers a consistently dazzling show.

The last event sold out well in advance so don’t hang around!

Exchange Bristol
Stars In Their Eyes

Our first Stars in the new building!

So exciting!

Le Pub Newport
Deadpunk Promotions presents… Punk Rock Stars In Their Eyes

Deadpunk Promotions presents:

Punk Rock Stars In Their Eyes

Exchange, Bristol, GB

Sat, Dec 23, 2017  7:00 PM


Entry Requirements: 18+


Fancy getting involved? Send an email to with what you fancy doing and we’ll get you booked in!


3 to 6 songs of your choosing from your favourite musical act. Don’t be (too) shit.

Quiet Man as AC DC Grebo as Green Day So-Crates as Nirvana Mixtape Saints as The Replacements Tom Aylott as Against Me! The Renshaw Brothers as Nintendo Riot At Monroe as No Use For A Name Orto as Refused + More

Exchange Bristol
Bad Vibes / Peril / Private World + War On Christmas Karaoke

FAO all South Wales classics, come drive a stake through the heart of the holiday at this mid-winter prac-room party and fundraiser for Welsh homelessness charity The Wallich (scroll down for details)


Cardiff’s least legit conclude a belter 2017 which featured no gigs and no rehearsals. Blogger and LIVE MUSIC FAN David Rose said it best – “An incoherent, ham-fisted nu-metal mess, with vocals delivered by the bastard son of Hermann Munster and Den Hegarty of 70’s rockers Darts. Good thing their set was short!”

Demo 2 up NOW at


Looks like Luke Penny’s stuck in the Black Lodge this season cuz suddenly he’s on a wicked weirdo-hardcore tip, featuring Freya from VAN-illa, Reid from Rancour and Emma from Pink Grapefruit. Let’s hope he stays down there because it’s abso QUALITY, as shown in their recent outing with RAKTA and HARAM. Demo incoming.


Another new Cardiff mob – the Pipedream boys back on their bullshit ft. members of Perfect Body. All very mysterious just now but almost definitely great. Demo up soon supposedly!



With your compere ALEX EVANS! The Blood Medals boy takes a night off from pratting around with contact mics to fulfil his part time role as Master of Ceremonies, and steer you off down the road to STARDOM! DM your requests RIGHT NOW to GUARANTEE a decent backing track!

BYOB, but PLEASE put ur TINS in the BIN!!!

£5 on the door – all profits go to The Wallich, a homelessness charity in Wales, and there’ll be a donations jar and a FESTIVE RAFFLE too! Also feel free to hit me up if you have any fundraising ideas and wanna get involved urself.

It’s no secret that homelessness in Cardiff has rocketed in recent years – figures from The Wallich suggest there were 18% more people sleeping rough this summer when compared with 2016 figures, and this followed a 29% increase on 2015 figures.

That a 32-year-old woman can be allowed to die in the city centre as a result of homelessness is totally unacceptable, and we can’t allow something like this to become a new normal. Please give what you can. Depending on amount raised, the money will go to The Wallich’s ‘Pass the Parcel’ pack scheme, which provides users of the charity with suitable items depending on what they need and when they need it. You can learn more here –

Cathays Community Centre Cardiff
New Year / New Noise 5 feat. EBU / Elvin Brandhi / Obsidian Teeth / Daniela Dyson + Spectres ‘Slug Life’ film screening


Weekend Ticket >>>
Friday Ticket >>>
Saturday Ticket >>>

New Year / New Noise 5 will be the last but we are going to do all we can to make this event last long in yours ears and souls. We will be taking over Brunswick Club for the final throes and over three days (a third day of extra curricular activities is soon to be announced) we will be cramming you all full of art, noise and reaction.

Before the first New Year / New Noise we could have only dreamt of working with the …artists that we have since been able to for these events, and as a misty-eyed nod to the first night back in 2014, we have brought back the first headliners but swapped them round because we thought that would be fun.

Not going to fill you with spiel about the acts featured in this edition, but you should know by know there is premium range and the range is premium. Investigate for yourselves and come join us in the Brunswick Club for a monumental wake.

Giant Swan >>>

Vessel >>>

Moor Mother >>>

S4U >>>

Nervous Conditions >>>

Night One of the final New Year / New Noise.

EBU >>>

Elvin Brandhi >>>

Obsidian Teeth >>>

Spectres ‘Slug Life’. A film by James Hankins >>>

Brunswick Club Bristol
New Year / New Noise 5 feat. Giant Swan / Vessel / Moor Mother / S4U / Nervous Conditions



Weekend Ticket >>>
Friday Ticket >>>
Saturday Ticket >>>

New Year / New Noise 5 will be the last but we are going to do all we can to make this event last long in yours ears and souls. We will be taking over Brunswick Club for the final throes and over three days (a third day of extra curricular activities is soon to be announced) we will be cramming you all full of art, noise and reaction.

Before the first New Year / New Noise we could have only dreamt of working with the …artists that we have since been able to for these events, and as a misty-eyed nod to the first night back in 2014, we have brought back the first headliners but swapped them round because we thought that would be fun.

Not going to fill you with spiel about the acts featured in this edition, but you should know by know there is premium range and the range is premium. Investigate for yourselves and come join us in the Brunswick Club for a monumental wake.

Giant Swan >>>

Vessel >>>

Moor Mother >>>

S4U >>>

Nervous Conditions >>>

Night One of the final New Year / New Noise.

EBU >>>

Elvin Brandhi >>>

Obsidian Teeth >>>

Spectres ‘Slug Life’. A film by James Hankins >>>

Brunswick Club Bristol
Pop Or Not presents… Snails / Edward Penfold / Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks

Saturday 13th November, doors 7.30

Pop Or Not Promotions present an evening of pop pleasures and wonky wonders:


Edward Penfold

Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks music

All in the snug setting of the Cube Microplex (an old fashioned thatre now a cinema and venue) with accompanying visuals.

Tickets: £6 advance / £8 on the door (ticket will be on sale shortly)

Snails generate moments of suburban guitar pop reverie for lonely people walking to the shops. Their sound bears the influence 60s folk and psychedelia with a peppering of 90′s pop. Mavericks such as Syd Barrett and Nico mingle with the likes of the Gorky’s or even Belle and Sebastian, though having no desire to recreate the past, Snails sensitively combine a passion for classic sounds with inventive songwritting to create their own heartfelt pop music. For this unique Bristol show they will be playing brand new material from their upcoming second LP.

“Eerie, beautiful, modestly majestic.” Stephen Pastel

Listen to Debut LP Safe in silence (2017)

+ Edward Penfold

Edward Penfold’s music is a blend of the old and the new, nostalgic but not dated. More than anything it sounds like now. It’s music from the heart, a hazy collection of sounds and moods sometimes upbeat, sometimes down but always genuine and always captivating. His lyricism reflects the eloquence and observation of a very English sort of poetry, seeing the depth in the shallows of life, the profundity in the mundane. All accepted with a matter-of-factness that is reflected in the driving impetus in every song, whether slow or fast or groovy. His new album ‘Denny Island Drive’ is due to be released on the 24th of november, but for know here’s his classic debut ‘caulkhead’:

+ Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks

After two years of ongoing collaboration and development, Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks have just released their beautiful debut LP ‘Pontvane’, Individually, both Capper and Brooks have developed back catalogues of diverse musicality and influence, incorporating elements of surf, lo-fi, Americana and psych.Their first release as a duo further emphasises this eclecticism, effortlessly stitching together disparate sonic fragments into a cohesive, compelling whole.Take a listen:

Cube Cinema Bristol
Clwb Ifor Bach presents… The Cribs

Clwb Ifor Bach

The Cribs

7:30pm | £20 | 14+

Clwb Ifor Bach are extatic to announce that we will be bringing Yorkshire’s indie rock heroes, The Cribs to Tramshed in January.

Blending quintessentially British influences like the Beatles, Sex Pistols, and the Smiths with American indie rock like Beat Happening and Bobby Conn, Yorkshire, The Cribs feature three brothers: vocalist/guitarist Ryan Jarman, bassist/vocalist Gary, and drummer Ross.

In August 2017, the band released their fantastic 7th album, 24-7 Rock Star Shit, which saw the band revisit their raw sound.

Tramshed Cardiff
Women in Punk & No Wave Film and Music

Women in Punk & No Wave Film and Music

Saturday January 20th 12-5pm & 8-11pm

Entry on the Door: £12 both events / £7 day / £7 evening

DAYTIME: Film, Discussion, Workshop

Vivienne Dick / Rachael Garfield / Anne Robinson / Resistance Keening Workshop

EVENING: Film, Music, Performance, Dancing

Bellies / Dali de Saint Paul (EP/64) / Resistance Keening Performance / Delirious Rhythm

This stimulating day-long event will look at how Punk created a new type of space for women and shaped alternative ways of looking and seeing, listening and hearing, speaking and shouting, dancing, dressing and protesting.

This inclusive event is open to all and considers an alternative to the prevalent punk narrative.

“Just as Punk created a space musically for bands such as the Slits and Poly Styrene to challenge 1970s norms of femininity through a transgressive, strident new female-ness, a number of experimental feminist filmmakers initiated a parallel, lens-based transgression to challenge patriarchal modes of filmmaking” Rachel Garfield

Afternoon: 12-5pm

Voice and Image in Punk and other Forms of Voice as Resistance

Vivienne Dick: Film screenings of new work with introduction

Rachel Garfield: Selected short film programme inc by Anne Robinson with introduction to her new book about women in punk

Workshop: Keening as a Form of Resistance

‘The Power of the Voice Direct and Unmediated’ – in-conversation with the events featured artists

Evening: 8-11pm

No Wave Now and Then

Vivienne Dick: Screenings of older Punk films

Dali de Saint Paul / EP/64

Keening Workshop Performance


With DJ’s Delirious Rhythm and Queens of the Neighbourhood

For full details and information on the artists please visit our website:

Brunswick Club Bristol
Cacophonous Sarcophagus presents… UUUU

Cacophonous Sarcophagus presents UUUU.


Graham Lewis – (Wire, Dome, Cupol, P’o)

Matthew Simms – (Wire, It Hugs Back)

Thighpaulsandra – (Coil, Spiritualized)

Valentina Magaletti – Drummer – (Tomaga, Raime, Vanishing Twin)


Live world premier of UUUU.

Debut album out now via Editions Mego.

“UUUU is a newly-formed underground supergroup featuring two members of legendary post-punk outfit Wire – Coil and Spiritualized keyboardist Thighpaulsandra, and Tomaga percussionist Valentina Magaletti. Collectively, they now form a free-wheeling sonic powerhouse, harnessing a wild and unpredictable sound in which expansive krautrock, psychedelic electronics and post-punk experimentation collide with expressive percussion and other more esoteric fare.” Rewire

Stream full album here:


“A cabal of legendary experimentalists coalesce and dissolve around the devilishly freeform percussive tics of Valentina Magaletti, in an expansive and ambitious session of punk-ish psych projections.”

“The essential DNA of UUUU is that seething, nebulous realm where rock, drone, electro and more esoteric fare often collide.” The Quietus

“A schizophrenic masterpiece that is equally soothing as it is seething, a past/present hybrid equally suited for the club, the home and the mind.”


Exchange, 72-73 Old Market St, Bristol BS2 0EJ


Tuesday 23rd January 2018. Doors 7:30PM


Tickets are £10 adv. via the following outlets:

Headfirst Bristol

Bristol Ticket Shop

Exchange Website

Exchange Bristol
Dictionary Pudding presents… Duds

Dictionary Pudding proudly present…



“When I was first told about Duds, it came with the considered opinion that the guys were far from what you’d call ‘careerists’.

“They don’t take themselves too seriously” was another comment. I could have taken this as a warning that they weren’t in to for the right reasons – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. From my perspective Duds simply won’t bend over backwards to ‘get on’. They do what they do and you can take it or leave it. I took it – with both hands… with a vice-like grip. They have the invention and urgency of Edinburgh Legends The Fire Engine’s. The Post-Punk ethic. Short songs, short sets = short album.

They’re one of the most thrilling bands I’ve seen in years – and the fact that they’re releasing this brilliant piece of work on the Castleface label adds the last piece of a perfect ‘outsider’ jigsaw puzzle. Duds sitting alongside Oh Sees, Ty Segall, White Fence, Useless Eaters et al. THERE IS A GOD!”

- Marc Riley JUNE 2017

‘You kind of know where you are (in a good way) with a band name like Duds, self-effacing in the the way only the British can be. Lacking even the qualification of the definite article! Musically they don’t disappoint either. Lead-off track ‘No Remark’ from their latest EP Wet Reduction has an element to it that doesn’t quite qualify as music (in all the right ways) a bit atonal, in some rhythm that’s not 4/4 but is somehow some kind of pop from another dimension.’

- Colin Newman (Wire)

Support TBA

Exchange, BRISTOL / WEDS 24th JAN 2018 1930


(and from all good online retailers, and Bristol Ticket Shop)

Presented by Dictionary Pudding Promotions


Exchange Bristol
Asian Dub Foundation’s La Haine

Asian Dub Foundation present their acclaimed re-imagined score to cult movie La Haine. This incredible live show brings together a screening of the iconic French film and a new realisation of the original soundtrack played live by the band, for a unique and powerful journey into the tension-filled world of the Parisian suburbs.

The movie follows 20 hours in the lives of three friends from immigrant families, living in the volatile Paris banlieues, after the killing of a man by French Police. First released in 1995, the film was placed at #32 in Empire Magazine’s Best 100 Film of World Cinema, and has since become a cult classic. Created in 2001, ADF’s acclaimed visual-live set to La Haine has been performed all over the world, and makes a welcome return to the stage in 2018.

Film Certificate 15. Ages over 15s only

This is a seated Colston Hall Presents show at The Anson Rooms

Anson Rooms

University of Bristol Students’ Union, Richmond Building, 105 Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1LN


Fri 26 Jan 2018

£21.50 incl. booking fee


Anson Rooms Bristol
Free For All Festival Alldayer feat. Skinny Girl Diet / The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk / Bob Vylan / Honey / Gung Ho / The D Teez / Free Beer & Bacon / Blood Slugs

Free For All Festival Cardiff


Skinny Girl Diet

The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk **late set 11.15-12am**

Bob Vylan


Gung Ho

The D Teez

Free beer & BACON

Blood Slugs

Saturday 27th January 2018

4pm til late

The Moon Cardiff

Ages 18+


FREE FOR ALL is a month of free entry shows through January to help keep the scene going while people are skint after Christmas (Cardiff + Bristol). Support your local music scene! Use it or lose it! #freeforallcardiff


VENUE / ACCESS: the venue is ground floor, with a flat entrance through double doors which will be fixed open, then slight ramp down towards main bar & seating area. We have a gender neutral toilet, suitable for wheelchair users, with grab bars. If you need to discuss access requirements, would like to bring a care assistant, or want to arrive early before we open, please email:

Free ear plugs available at the bar.

Please respect each other, the venue and our staff. If someone is bothering you, please speak to our bar/security staff.

TRANSPORT: we’re just off Westgate St where most buses stop: and we’re 5 mins walk from Cardiff Central station:

PARKING: there’s a car park at the end of our street – NCP Quay Street CF10 1EA which is £3.50 all night if you enter after 5pm.

Oversized vehicles can use the rugby ground car park on Westgate St, which is by the lights at the castle, entrance on the left through the ‘Memorial Gates’ and pay the guy in the cabin.

The Moon Cardiff
1% Of One presents…. The Weather Station


The Weather Station

LABEL: Paradise of Bachelors

FFO: Nadia Reid, Joan Shelley, Aldous Harding

On her fourth (and tellingly self-titled) album as The Weather Station, Toronto based Tamara Lindeman reinvents, and more deeply roots, her extraordinary, acclaimed songcraft, framing her precisely detailed, exquisitely wrought prose-poem narratives in bolder and more cinematic musical settings. The result is her most sonically direct and emotionally candid statement to date, a work of profound urgency and artistic generosity.

“Timeless… Measured, perceptive storytelling. A singer with an unmistakable & communicative voice, able to convey hope & hurt with equal clarity.” – Pitchfork

ON SALE 10AM, 24/10/17

£8.00 adv. from

The Crofters Rights

117 – 119 Stokes Crofters

Bristol BS1 3PY

Crofters Rights Bristol
Swn presents… Spring King

Swn Presents

Spring King

7:00pm | £10 | 16+

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff

On sale Friday 10am

Standing – downstairs:

Seated – upstairs:

Colston Hall Bristol
Hot Snakes

Hot Snakes



The Grove, Bristol BS1 4RB

Doors 7:00pm

Ages 14+

Advance tickets available from:

Thekla Bristol
1% Of One presents… Shopping / Colleen Green



Colleen Green

A ridiculous double headline bill to defeat all other double headline bills, we welcome the excellent art-punk trio SHOPPING and lo-fi Los Angeles pop star COLLEEN GREEN to Bristol.

The former are prepping their second record via Fat Cat, and teased it with pool party jerker ‘The Hype’, whilst Colleen is currently polishing her fourth LP. Expect a new material injection from all!

£8.00 adv. from


72-73 Old Market Street

Bristol, BS2 0EJ

Exchange Bristol

Clwb Ifor Bach


7:30pm | £7.00 | 16+

Date Change – Due to unforeseen circumstances, HAUS have had to change the date for this upcoming show. It’ll now be on the 8th of February 2018. Refunds are available at your point of purchase or alternatively your November tickets will be valid for the February date.

The Tottenham 5 piece have announced an extensive 11 date headline UK Tour. Since roaring out of the gate with scintillating hooks and joyous melodies, Haus have gained an avid following.

Releasing track after track of glistening indie pop, Clash labelled their single Blinded an “astute, mature yet wholly engrossing pop that has made them so sought after”.

Don’t miss them in Clwb Ifor Bach in February!

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Abstract Orchestra Does Dilla

Clwb Ifor Bach

Abstract Orchestra Does Dilla

7:30pm | £15 | 18+

Abstract Orchestra will be tributing one of hip-hop’s greatest beatmakers, J Dilla in February, the anniversary of his birth & death.

Jay Dee worked with the buggest acts in the hip hop world, like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Common and loads more as well as being an integral part of the genres development.

Who better to tribute than the world class orchestra, hinged on hip hop, Abstract Orchestra?

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Swine Language & RJ present… Drab Majesty / Dune Messiah



Drab Majesty is an inter-dimensional platform aimed at channeling aural and visual messages founded by a human being from Los Angeles in 2013. The human communes directly with it’s spiritual muse/assumed alter-ego Deb Demure to demonstrate the power in relinquishing ownership to a divine design, thereby handing inspiration over to the spirit world – essentially serving as a contractor in business with the Collective Consciousness.

Relying on those principles, Drab Majesty, from its inception, set out to achieve no specific style, yet over the span of a European tour, several US tours, an LP entitled “Careless” (released and reissued 3 times on DAIS Records), 2 cassette EP’s, and a 7-inch on (Weyrd Son/Brussels), Deb has honed in on a pointed aesthetic.

While inherently guitar-driven music in the vain of The Chameleons or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Drab Majesty’s sound is often nuanced by ethereal washes of icy keyboards and arpeggiated synthesizers, backed by heavy mechanized percussion and forked pulsing synth bass, all adorned with reverb-laden vocals reminiscent of a hallowed cathedral.

In the past two years Deb has been invited to support bands such as Psychic TV, Clan of Xymox, The Frozen Autumn, Prayers, and label mates Youth Code and King Dude to name a few. Part alien, part mime, part priestess — yet all summed up in the feeble form of a human looking body, Deb Demure aims to serve as a musical and visual medium marrying the void and the form.

+ support from

DUNE MESSIAH (Denmark – Third Coming Records)


Valentines Day

Wednesday 14th February 2018

The Moon, Cardiff

Advance Tickets – £8

18+ (please bring I.D.)

Physical tickets available from Spillers Records (Cardiff) + Diverse Music (Newport) + from the venue.

Moon Club Cardiff
Icicle Works

Clwb Ifor Bach

Icicle Works

7:00pm | £17.50 | 18+

Following Icicle Works cancelled gig in October (due to illness), we can’t wait to welcome Icicle Works to Clwb Ifor Bach in February 2018.

All tickets purchased for the October gig are still valid, or a refund is available at your point of purchase.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Fat Paul presents… Nadja / Erthona / Stereocilia
Exchange Bristol
Swn presents… Dead!

Swn Presents


+ Special Guests

7:00pm | £8 | 16+

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Nils Frahm


The renowned Berlin-based pianist and composer Nils Frahm makes a much-anticipated return to the live stage following 2017’s hiatus, and will embark on the beginning of a long worldwide tour entitled All Melody in 2018, playing brand new material in an intimate set-up.

Nils had an early introduction to music, learning the piano throughout his childhood. It was through this that Nils began to immerse himself in the styles of classical pianists from previous generations as well as the music of contemporary composers, before forging his own musical path through composition.

Today he continues to work as an accomplished composer, producer and celebrated performer from his Berlin-based studio at the prestigous Funkhaus. His unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, played contemplatively and intimately, and on a mesmerising scale through his vast stage shows, has won him many fans around the world.

See all upcoming tour dates over at his official website:

Colston Hall Bristol

Clwb Ifor Bach


7:00pm | £16 | 18+

We can’t wait to welcome brit pop sensations, Space here to Clwb Ifor Bach in March 2018!

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Rat King Records presents… Bell Witch / Monarch! / Monolithian

Rat King Records presents




Wednesday 28th March

Exchange, Bristol

Doors 7pm

Tickets £12 advance

Exchange Bristol
Funk Puffin & Wave presents… The Electric Swing Circus

Electric Swing Circus

7:00pm | £12.00 | 18+

Funk Puffin & Wave Presents: The Electric Swing Circus

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

Clwb Ifor Bach

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

7:00pm | £12.50 | 16+

Folk duo, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker will be coming to Clwb Ifor Bach in the spring of 2018.

Crafting their elegant and sophisticated sounds through lush chamber ensemble orchestrations and expressive, adroit guitar technique, the pair create something uniquely stunning.

The way this duo inhabit songs that are sometimes centuries old, making them personal and present again, while also pricking the heart with their own tales of everyday love and loss makes the music of Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker a rare and precious thing.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Swn presents… Belly

Fronted by Tanya Donelly, Grammy nominated and acclaimed for their tracks Feed The Tree and Gepetto from their album Star.

Glee Club Cardiff

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