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Fuelled By Jealous Lovers & CRH Music present… Chuck Prophet

Fuelled By Jealous Lovers & CRH Music Present

Chuck Prophet

& Support

£18.50 / 7:30pm / 14+

Ticktets on sale now:

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
The Magic Band play the music of Captain Beefheart: Farewell Tour

Mon 20th Nov | 7.30pm | £20 adv | All Ages*

The Magic Band play the music of Captain Beefheart: Farewell Tour

Former Captain Beefheart musical director and drummer, John “Drumbo” French leads out the latest version of The Magic Band for one final tour of the UK. A faithful rendition of the best of Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band’s music is guaranteed.

John French was nicknamed ‘Drumbo’ by Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. British Underground commentator and DJ John Peel described Beefheart as “the most important figure to emerge from the Rock era of the 1960s and 1970s.” Rolling Stone magazine included John French in their 100 Best Drummers Ever (at #48) and declared: “(his) toms-heavy, polyrhythmic style would become as integral to the group as Don Van Vliet’s modernist-blues croak.”

Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart was a visionary in the field of music. His group, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band started as a Blues group. Later, drummer John French joined and they recorded an album for Buddah Records entitled Safe as Milk — referring to the strontium-90 content found in lactating mother’s milk.

Guitarist Jeff Cotton joined and a second album, Strictly Personal was recorded shortly before a tour of the United Kingdom — where famed DJ John Peel had been playing Safe as Milk to a very interested audience. Van Vliet hated Strictly Personal’s production, rapt with phase-shifting, calling it “Psychedelic Bromo Seltzer”.

Though for the most part commercially unsuccessful, the groundbreaking album, Trout Mask Replica was hailed by critics who recognised Van Vliet’s unique and totally original approach to music composition and lyric creation. Produced by Frank Zappa, who gave the musicians six hours to record the bulk of a double album in a single evening, was amazed when The Magic Band recorded it in four-and-a-half.

Rumours create legends, and there are many rumours circulating, some exaggeration was thrown in for spice (“I wrote the album in 8 ½ hours” claimed Van Vliet). The truth was even stranger: the band all shared a two-bedroom bungalow with Van Vliet in Woodland Hills for nine months while the album was created bit by bit, transcribed in piano notation by John “Drumbo” French, and taught to the others by the same during gruelling 18-hour days of rehearsal, often interrupted by sessions of Van Vliet’s own form of group therapy, which turned into what some consider “brainwashing sessions”. It was a very intense and creative time as all the players learned to transpose piano parts to guitar, as well as having had their complete identities investigated on an all-too-personal level.

Another rumour started by the Captain was that he taught the guys to play. Bill “Zoot Horn Rollo” Harkleroad, Jeff “Antennae Jimmy Semens” Cotton, and Mark “Rockette Morton” Boston had all played in Rock cover bands and made a part-time living during their high school years before ‘graduating’ to The Magic Band, replacing the original Blues band members one by one.

The music sounded “terrible” to Simpsons creator Matt Groening but, because it was produced by Frank Zappa, Matt decided to give it another try, and then another; finally convinced it was “the best rock ‘n’ roll album ever.” Audiences were confused, however, because of all the rules being broken. Where was the backbeat? Why did it sound “out of tune” and “rhythmically complicated”?

That combined with the obsessive leadership of Van Vliet caused there to be a steady stream of ingoing and outgoing members – which eventually reached about 40 members. In later years musical “fans” of the creations joined the work in progress. Fans such as John Thomas (Keys), Gary “Mantis” Lucas (guitar), Jeff “Moris” Tepper (guitar), Robert Williams (drums), and Cliff Martinez (drums).

Van Vliet retired in 1982, after a career of sixteen years and thirteen original albums plus many bootlegs. He became a painter, withdrawing more and more from the public, eventually succumbing to complications of MS in 2010.

Meanwhile, John French earlier had the idea of re-forming The Magic Band back in 2001, eventually succeeding in 2003, after finding members willing to give it a try. His first attempt was to re-form the Trout Mask Replica band personnel, largely as they were his high-school buddies, but Jeff Cotton was not interested. Denny “Feeler’s Rebo” Walley (1975 -78) took his place. Denny had played on a 1975 tour and also is featured on slide guitar on the album Bat Chain Puller.

Bill Harkleroad initially was interested but then parted ways when the original promoter became a bit flaky. Gary Lucas (1982) stepped in. Gary had managed Don for the last two years of his career and also had been an official member of The Magic Band on the final Beefheart album, Ice Cream for Crow. For a short time, Robert Williams (1977-81) took the drum throne, as drummer John French sang about two-thirds of the set.

After the first promoter started changing the goalposts, the project was put in stasis for a year, until Barry Hogan of ATP came along in 2002 and offered the band good solid guarantees plus created a CD deal wherein the guys could collect themselves in the same studio and rehearse/record. In early February of 2003, they entered Paradoxx Sound studios in the High Desert of Southern California (where the band originated) and recorded Back to the Front, a rehearsal CD. John French played the drums, then overdubbed vocals and harmonica parts, as he had been singing and playing this material for about two years.

Barry Hogan (ATP) had contacted the band about playing two festivals: Camber Sands and The Queen Mary Ship (Long Beach, CA, USA); and also promoted a concert in London @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

By the time the festival in the States came around (November 2003) Williams went his own way and the group contacted drummer Michael Traylor, who played with TMB until 2006. With the economic downturn, interest faded in The Magic Band and they did not pursue the project again until Barry Hogan once more contacted the group for a festival appearance in 2009 – The Ten Year Anniversary of ATP – Barry’s. Gary Lucas, who has a solo career, was already booked, and drummer Michael Traylor had injured his knee in a work-related incident.

John French had, by this time, released his own solo CD, City of Refuge. Although getting rave reviews, it didn’t really sell that well. The bottom came out of the industry, as MP3s became the new medium. He couldn’t get a tour, even though he had a fantastic group of younger players, which included guitarist Eric Klerks, who hails from New Orleans, and drummer Craig Bunch, an LA-based drummer with a great capacity to understand John’s odd drum-style. The only live performance the “Drumbo” group did was for a Jimmy Carl Black (former drummer of the Mothers of Invention) benefit in the High Desert.

With the blessings of Hogan, John invited Eric and Craig to join the Magic Band and play the festival, and the result turned out really well. They were invited again to play at the ATP Festival in 2010, and decided rather than doing a “one-up” that they would book a small tour of the UK and a Dublin show. The tour was well-received and the band clicked as a team. John French’s book, Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic was released this same year and the book was rated as “one of the six best music books” in the UK in 2010.

Again, another Festival appearance in early 2011 resulted in another slightly larger tour.

Two CDs were released that year. One is the original Bat Chain Puller (recorded in 1976) that had been in Gail Zappa’s vault since 1975 and was the only album Denny Walley had recorded with Van Vliet. French wrote the liner notes for this set, and a special tribute to Don Van Vliet, who had passed away December 17th, 2010.

The other was a Sundazed release, The Magic Band live in Oxford 2005, which was picked as the best of thirteen performances during the UK tour. This was recorded direct from the board digitally, later uploaded by French and mixed in his studio.

Also, French’s book, Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic sold out of the original printing and was reprinted in paperback in both paperback and digital media.

A new album, simply entitled The Magic Band plays the Music of Captain Beefheart Live in London 2013 was released. These are live digital recordings of The Magic Band at Chelsea’s Under the Bridge venue, recorded in March 2013.

In 2013, the lineup of The Magic Band has changed with the inclusion of Andrew Niven on drums, Craig Bunch having decided to pursue other interests. In 2015, Denny Walley left the band, to be replaced by Grandmothers of Invention guitar hero, Max Kutner. John French considers this line-up to be one of the most accomplished versions of The Magic Band ever.

The line-up who will be playing the final tour are:

John “Drumbo” French / Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Sax, Drums

Eric Klerks / Extended Ranch guitar, BKP Vocals

Max Kutner / Guitar and Slide guitar

Jonathan Sindelman / Keyboards

Andy Niven / Drums

The Fleece


*under 16s must be with an adult

Fleece Bristol
Gravy Train presents… Weaves

Gravy Train Presents:


+ Special Guests


The Crofters Rights

Monday 20th November




DICE – Just For You

Headfirst Bristol

SEE Tickets

Bristol Ticket Shop

Crofter's Rights Bristol
TOIL presents… Nana Grizol / Alimony Hustle / Smasher Lagru

toil are v excited to be putting this show on with equestrian collective. nana grizol is coming to the uk to a community bike cafe near YOU!


Growing up in the South, Theo Hilton found both lonely solace and wide community in music.

When he formed Nana Grizol in Athens, Ga., in 2007, he secured an outlet for expressing how confusion and constant pining became ingrained into a young, queer male in a small town. Despite Athens’ liberal leanings and bevy of artistic collaborators, Theo walked in liminal spaces as a queer surrounded by straight people.

Nana Grizol’s first two records “Love It, Love It” (2008) and “Ruth” (2010) chronicled that mixed experience. With “Ursa Minor,” the first Nana Grizol record in six years, Theo Hilton is unequivocally certain about who he is and what he wants to say.

He’s traveled and studied, moving from Athens to Seattle to New York and, currently, to New Orleans. Along the way, the role of social justice advocate came to suit him. Through song, he casts a critical eye on “Ursa Minor” to concerns environmental, like the effect of oil refineries in the Mississippi watershed, as well as how neoliberal policies chew up and spit out innocent human lives.

He’s loved and lost and been reaffirmed. The new songs reflect an artist fully aware of what he’s learned, what’s changed for the better, what still sucks, and what, exactly, we’re going to do about it.

On “Ursa Minor,” a loyal cast of collaborators return to give wing to Theo’s songs. Robbie Cucchiaro (Music Tapes) adds trumpet and euphonium lines that echo both the golden era of Elephant 6 recordings and the brass bands of Theo’s current home. Laura Carter (Elf Power, Orange Twin Records) supplies secondary drumming, clarinet trills, and trumpet calls, a familiar cradle for new songs. Jared Gandy (Area Men, Witches), on bass and guitar, notches another year in a two-decade collaboration with Theo. Matte Cathcart (Area Men, Door-Keys), an ally pulled to Athens, Ga., from Bloomington, Indiana, rounds out the quintet on drums.


Yr fav heart throbs are back! hear songs from Miss GB and all strikes no gutters. cry a little bit. feel understood for the first time in your life. ffo One Direction and Love Island. Featuring members of the Non White Stripes.


don’t forget yr passports for a road trip through mainland europe, friendship and how to form a band when you can’t play any instruments. BYOW (bring yr own whistle)


Roll for the Soul is an all ages venue. The show will be on the first floor accessible only by a staircase.

Roll For The Soul Bristol
In Zaire / Atatat

£8 adv £10 door

Tribal psychsters In Zaire are just as confusing to pin down sound-wise as is their origin (Berlin-based but hailing from Italy). The quartet bring the audience into a psychedelic trip through a unique mix of dub-funk rhythms, African percussion, eastern bass guitar melodies, drifting Arabic voices, minimal electronic sounds and not too hidden heavy metal influences.

After their 2013 debut album “White Sun Black Sun”, In Zaire returned with “Visions Of The Age To Come”, released on Sound Of Cobra Records in the spring, an eightfold kaleidoscope coming into blissful focus which sees the band dancing feverishly towards the edges of hard rock heritage and psychedelic outlands.

“In Zaire paints in heavy strokes of cosmic fury, running the guitars through enough hardware to find a sound that befits the universe collapsing in on itself” – Raven sings the blues

“[At Liverpool psych fest] In Zaire melted a few brains with their fuzzy space-prog, packed with groove and epic guitar voyages” – Get into this

“In Zaire have put together an album that is dark in a way that avoids many of the cliches that a number of other ‘dark’ bands are currently falling into.” – Psych Insight Music

New album available here:

Supporting tonight we have ATATAT who is the stage name of Joel Barbara who plays in scouse three piece electro noise band Barberos. Drumming live, he batters out a barrage of complex polyrhythms over cosmic drones and soundscapes. Check out what to expect:


Cube Cinema Bristol
DAZED feat. Serum B2B Turno / Clique / Woo & Cumfort & Dazed DJs


Serum, B2B, Turno, Clique, Woo & Cumfort & Dazed DJs

11:00pm | £5-£10 | 18+

⚠️⚠️⚠️Hold up, Hold up⚠️⚠️⚠️

Yes Cardiff, here we go again! The response to our DJ Guv event was overwhelming and you guys grabbed all the tickets over a week in advance, because of this we have a big treat for you:

We’ve decided to cross the River Severn for the second time this year!! This time its with a b2b like no other… SERUM b2b TURNO. Bring your gunfingers and bass faces at the ready as this one is going to go OFF!


🔐 Line Up: 🔐

Serum Dnb b2b Turno


Woo & Comfort

Dazed DJs


Previous Acts Include:

✖️ 1991 ✖️ AC Slater ✖️ ANNIX ✖️ Artful Dodger ✖️ Bassboy ✖️ Benny Page ✖️ Cause & Affect ✖️ Champion ✖️DJ Guv ✖️ DJ Phantasy (SASASAS) ✖️ Darkzy ✖️ Deadbeat UK ✖️ Deekline ✖️ Ed Solo ✖️ Harry Shotta ✖️ Inja ✖️ Kenny Ken ✖️ Notion ✖️ President T ✖️ Preditah ✖️ Royal T ✖️ Skepsis ✖️ Scrufizzer ✖️ Serial Killaz ✖️ Taiki Nulight ✖️ Upgrade + many more ✖️


Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Fuelled By Jealous Lovers presents… William The Conqueror / Featherjaw / Foreign Correspondence

Fuelled By Jealous Lovers

William The Conqueror


7:30pm | £8 | 16+

William the Conqueror’s bluesy indie-Americana has already seen them head out to Nashville to perform at AmericanaFest, share a stage with the likes of Richard Thompson and Van Morrison courtesy of a nomination for Song of the Year at the UK Americana Awards, and sign to Loose Music, where they join an immensely impressive roster including Courtney Marie Andrews, Sturgill Simpson, Andrew Combs, The Handsome Family and Danny and the Champions of the World.

Their eagerly awaited debut album is called Proud Disturber of the Peace and will be out on 4th August. Recorded in sessions that took the band from Cornwall right up to the Isle of Lewis and back again, the album features the multi-instrumental talents of Harry Harding, Naomi Holmes, and Ruarri Joseph, a name many folk fans may remember from his acclaimed solo output.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
The Telescopes / Clay Statues / Aaronson + DJ Trev Odd Box Records/Pop’n'Hops

The Telescopes

Clay Statues


+ DJ Trev Odd Box Records/Pop’n'Hops

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

The Moon Cardiff

Ages 18+


£5.50 adv+bf / £7 doors

Tickets on sale in Spillers Records, Diverse Music & Vinyl and online from WeGotTickets + SEE Tickets

Founded in 1987 by Stephen Lawrie, THE TELESCOPES have been mining a unique anti-myopian seam of highly influential experimental, drone, noise, dream & psych for over 20 years.

Their first record was a split flex-disc with LOOP on Cheree Records. After a further two singles they moved onto What Goes On Records, where they released another two EPs and debut album ‘Taste’. All of which found their way to the top of the UK independent charts. Tours followed with SPACEMEN 3, PRIMAL SCREAM and THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, and it wasn’t long before The Telescopes were headliners themselves, with bands like SLOWDIVE and RIDE in support.

ALAN MCGEE shortly stepped in to release their material from the hands of official receivership. One of the more interesting bands that were signed to CREATION RECORDS, they released second album and a string of EPs for the label, favoured by JOHN PEEL, recording 2 sessions for him as well as MARC RILEY and MARK RADCLIFFE, and with regular features on MTV.

In 1992 the group underwent an 8-year hiatus, resuming in 2000 with a revolving line up, and a stream of releases on labels such as Double Agent, Norman Records, Static Charge, Dream Machine and Hungry Audio.

In 2011 they were invited by PORTISHEAD to play the first ever ATP Festival. They released 7th LP ‘Harm’ on Neon Sigh and toured non-stop over across the world for two years, then their 8th album was released in 2015, one of their most song-based in years.

2017 has brought a new album on Tapete Records, a vinyl box set of the Creation catalogue & rarities on Mexican Summer, and Cherry Red plan to repeat their success with ‘Splalshdown’ – a documentation of the Creation years and earliest material from Cheree Records and What Goes On.

“The Telescopes have resurfaced and I am amazed and glad they are still practicing their mysterious art” – John Peel

“suspended-in-space magnificence” – Julian Cope

“Every sound you ever heard was but a preliminary exercise in hearing, for the all embracing maelstrom of The Telescopes” -

Melody Maker, 1989

“Finest record for over a decade. Prepare to be pulverised” 8/10 – DrownedInSound

“exploring the subtle relationships that exist between silence, noise and poetry” 8/10 – Louder Than War

The Moon Cardiff
Snuff Lane presents… Witchsorrow / THE MOTH

Snuff Lane loudly presents:

Witchsorrow // THE MOTH

The Old England, Bristol

Wednesday 22nd November

Tickets: £5.00 Adv. // £7.50 OTD

– Headfirst Bristol –

– Music Glue –

– Bristol Ticket Shop –

British doom metallers WITCHSORROW return to Bristol to headline The Old England. Support from german sludge, doomsters THE MOTH.



Smouldering away in the dark corners of metal since Black Sabbath birthed it with that immortal tritone, doom has lurked in the shadows for decades, waiting for the earth’s lost souls to find their solace in it. Following in the footsteps of Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Trouble, Cathedral, Reverend Bizarre and countless other greats who have carried the torch for this genre are Hampshire doom disciples Witchsorrow – a triumvirate for whom this music is a calling, an obsession.



THE MOTH are a girl and two guys hailing from Hamburg, Germany. Cécile, who plays a 3-stringed bass, and guitarist Freden sing head to head – which gives there massive sludge songs a unique Jekyll & Hyde-like aural aesthetic that’s as brutal as it it bewitching. Their debut album „They Fall“ was released on THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS in September 2013. In the year following the release they already performed at Desertfest Berlin and went on a European tour with UK doom-kings CONAN.

Their sophomore album “AND THEN RISE” was released in April 2015 on THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS as well. The band has since been invited to festivals from Oslo to Vienna (i.e. Desertfest Berlin, Stoned from the Underground Festival, Erfurt / Stateless Fest Berlin / Svart October Fest Oslo / Desert Sun Festival Vienna, Desertfest London), has toured the UK, Europe and Germany and been reviewed in magazines and blogs around the world.

From slow burning doom to speed thrash-riffs: A well-tempered mix of High on Fire, Crowbar and Kylesa – their sound is virtually void of frills, instead opting to turn out hammer heavy drums and riff ready songs. In no time THE MOTH have established themselves in the underground doom-metal-sludge community.

Old England Pub Bristol
Mike Dennis: Violinist, Rapper, Menace

Gwdihw presents Mike Dennis: Violinist, Rapper, Menace | Wed 22nd | 8pm | £5/3adv

Using a violin, a loop pedal and a microphone, Mike obliterates your perceptions of what is possible and credible in the worlds of classical music and hip hop.

The tour ties in with the release of Junction 29, PART TWO of a two-part EP released this November with artwork by acclaimed Marseille-based graffiti artist, braga the last 1.

You won’t have seen an artist like this before. Well…maybe…in Cardiff.

Don’t miss this.

Gwdihw Cardiff
Cacophonous Sarcophagus & Colston Hall present… The Thing / Konstrukt / Calcine Quartet

Cacophonous Sarcophagus and Colston Hall proudly present two of Europe’s fiercest jazz groups: The Thing and KonstruKt. Local support from free-thinkers Calcine Quartet, at the appropriately intimate Exchange in Old Market.


The Thing


(Mats Gustafsson – Paal Nilssen-Love – Ingebrigt Håker Flaten)

“After forming in 1999 as a Don Cherry recording project, Scandinavian garage jazz trio The Thing soon established themselves as one of the most important European jazz groups, playing a variety of compositions, including material by PJ Harvey, Albert Ayler, The White Stripes, Steve Lacy, The Stooges, The Sonics, The Cramps, Lightning Bolt and The Ex. They transformed the music of these artists into a contemporary context, making it their own. As individuals or as a group, they have collaborated with those including: Peter Brötzmann, Sonic Youth, Jim O’Rourke, David Grubbs, Eye, The Ex, Pat Metheny, Arto Lindsay, Steve Reid, Kieran Hebden, Merzbow, Christian Marclay, The Nomads, Guy Picciotto, Neneh Cherry and more, all activities fueling the music of The Thing to become what the group is all about.

With dedicated fans in the rock, noise and jazz communities, The Thing continues to take the music to new, uncompromising levels and continues to solidify their important position in the contemporary independent music world.”




(Korhan Futaci – Umut Çağlar – Erdem Göymen – Berkan Tilavel)

“KONSTRUKT was formed at the beginning of 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey. The major breakthrough for the band was the recording with Peter Brötzmann who was visiting Istanbul for a concert, at the same year.

Recently, the band has been getting attention not only back home in Turkey but also within European improvised music circles. They have done recordings with some significant names like Joe McPhee, William Parker, Akira Sakata, Marshall Allen, Evan Parker, Thurston Moore, Keiji Haino, Michael Zerang, Graham Massey, Alfred Harth, Eugene Chadbourne, Alexander Hawkins, Alan Wilkinson, Okay Temiz, Hüseyin Ertunç, toured all around Europe lately with Italian psyche band Squadra Omega and performed at many prestigious international festivals and clubs.


Calcine Quartet


(Matthew Grigg – Rebecca Sneddon – Mark Langford – Roger Telford)

“Freely Improvised Sonic Heat. Compositions of spontaneous wail and whisper, crashing and floating through synergetic musical expressions.”


Tickets: £14/£16 +

Exchange, Old Market

Thurs 23 Nov – 18+

Exchange Bristol
Fuelled By Jealous Lovers presents… Single Mothers

Single Mothers

plus support

Clwb Ifor Bach

£8.50 Advance

Single Mothers broke up in 2009 – and have been playing shows ever since.

One of those shows was for us, back in 2015. They were amazing. There’s been an EP and a single since then as they geared up to release their second album. That album is called Our Pleasure and is out now on Big Scary Monsters. Buy it.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Dele Sosimi / Afrobeat Ochestra / Afrocluster

Dele Sosimi

Afrobeat Ochestra, Afrocluster

7:00pm | £10.00 | 16+

Dele Sosimi stands out as one of the most active musicians currently on the Afrobeat scene worldwide. His live shows are ALWAYS electric, and the crowd response is ALWAYS massive. So come and join the party here in Clwb Ifor Bach this November.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Fuelled by Jealous Lovers presents… Single Mothers

Fuelled by Jealous Lovers

Single Mothers

7:30pm | £8.50 | 16+

Having spent years in limbo, eschewing members, Single Mothers finally settled on a solid line up and released their debut record, 2014’s unapologetic Negative Qualities with an EP and a single following, they’re now gearing up to release their 2nd album Our Pleasure.

From Ontario, the quartet has spent the past few years touring their snarl punk, pseudo cynicism, and mercilessly annihilating gravel delivery across North America with ferocious abandon.

They return to Cardiff in November and we cannot wait to host them here again.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
All My Friends & Juxtaposed present… Yossarian / Young Black Americans / Perfect Body / Lull

All My Friends & Juxtaposed present Yossarian, with Young Black Americans, Perfect Body & Lull | Thu 23rd Nov | 7.30pm | £5/3adv

All My Friends & Juxtaposed bring back the sky-scaped arrangements & minimalist, cryptic beauty of Yossarian for a headline show at Gwdihw!

Pointing toward the likes of art-rock heavyweights such as The National & Grizzly Bear, they manage to mix post-rock aesthetics with accelerating guitars & eclectic, ambiguous lyrics.

“Like a millennial Syd Barrett , Yossarian make music to express a kind of lunacy.” – NME

Alongside them, we bring Young Black Americans, Perfect Body & Lull!

Gwdihw Cardiff
Swn and NNTS presents… Mammút / Broen

Swn and NNTS presents…

MAMMÚT (Iceland) – Live


BROeN – Live


Doors : 19.30


£8 + Booking Fee


Icelandic Music Awards:

*Best album of the year*

*Best song of the year*

*Best album cover of the year*

Mammút are melodic and catchy and beautiful and addictive. They are also darker and heavier than you think they are—maybe they tricked you? This is true though: Mammút craft distorted and beautiful lullabies while maintaining a solid grasp on melody and an eternally independent spirit.

Icelandic Music Awards 2014:

*Best album of the year*

*Best song of the year*

*Best album cover of the year*


Broan are a young young up’n’coming five-piece band from Norway. The band havealready been championed by the likes of The Guardian, Consequence of Sound, BBC Radio6 Music’s Lauren Laverne, and Bella Union’s Simon Raymonde, who recently welcomedthem to his label. Combining elements of R’n’B, rap, jazz, improvisation, psychedelia, dub and electronica, Broen ignore the usual genre conventions to create their own unique sound. They have built up a reputation of being one of Norway’s finest live bands, presenting something completely out of the ordinary. Their flowery colourfulcostumes and signature dance moves are rivalled only by their own live prowess and musicianship. They cannot be described by drawing lines to similar acts, but simply by drawing a line towards them.In addition to playing Latitude this summer, they are also playing at Norways Oya-festival in August, among others.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Lesson No.1 presents… Partisan / Rope




This band are from Ghent in Belgium and its members have previously been in OATHBREAKER and RISE & FALL. Partisan, though, is a departure from those kind of gnarly metallic hardcore vibes – their releases to date (a 2015 EP, 2016 cassette and new mini-album ‘We Have Been So Terribly Betrayed’) offer dreamy indie, nocturnal goth and swinging postpunk. “The noise input of The Jesus and Mary Chain, the cold bleakness of Killing Joke, the stark detachment of Joy Division and the drive of The Wipers” is a description I nicked from someone else. I’d add Chain Of Flowers and Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures into the mix too if we’re doing a ‘for fans of’ list. Check em out!


When Bridgend band Rope last played a Lesson No.1 show, in October 2015, I waffled on thusly: “Rope are a trio who feature one-time members of HUNGER ARTIST and GOODTIME BOYS. They carry on those bands’ practice of being heavy and emotionally fraught, but otherwise are quite different: minimal, precise yet powerful, with literate lyrics. Various parts of their forthcoming EP/album (it could qualify as either) reminds me of KARATE, LUNGFISH, SHELLAC, IVORY SPRINGER and CODEINE.” All the descriptive stuff still applies (imho) but they are now a four-piece and ‘Manteision Bodolaeth’, the record in question, is now about 18 months old… so some new jams might well be in the offing! Come and find out for FREE, in the meantime get over to

ALL HAPPENING AT: The Moon, Womanby Street, Cardiff

DOORS: 10pm

ROPE: 10.30pm approx

PARTISAN: 11.20pm approx

DONE BY: 12am


The Moon Cardiff
Never / Cheap Surgery / Salt Bath / Punch On!

Never (Brighton)

Hardcore punks playing noisy midtempo hardcore punk

Cheap Surgery (Leeds)

Members of Healing Powers, Hex and Human Certainty doing hardcore punk in a new and different way

Salt Bath (Newport)

Noisy, queer, punk rock 2 piece from Newport

Punch On! (Bristol)

Heavy 2 piece Skramz from Bristol. Maybe Bristols only Skramz band?


£5 OTD

Cafe Kino, Bristol

Friday 24/11/17

Cafe Kino is a safe space for all, where everyone will be treated with respect and worth. Their Safer Spaces policy exists to, as best they can, eliminate any oppressive actions, behaviours and language in this space.

Cafe Kino Bristol
Diving Bell / The Backhand Jags / Mighty Magic Animal

Diving Bell

Reverb guitar ponce and fuzzy bass bastard tapdance to octoputian polyrhythm.

“There’s only three of them, but they make a heck of a noise…” Tom Robinson Music Show, BBC 6Music

“Kieran, Ben and Nick play songs with weird lyrics and time signatures – the perfect ingredients…” BBC Introducing in the West

‘If mind melting scuzz rock layered with perfect pop melodies, unusual arrangements and references to Greek mythology and communist dictators are your bag, then this is the band you have been waiting for!” ArtScare Bristol

The Backhand Jags


‘Channelling the same wit and agression, melody and brutality that made the likes of The Wildhearts into national treasures, The Backhand Jags similarly are hard to pin down and manage to splice genres that have no business being in the same room let alone the same band. Punky-Metal-Pop-Bollocks? Something like that.’ Ed @Songs of Praise Live, Swindon.


Mighty Magic Animal

Mighty Magic Animal was formed from the ashes of several bands stretching back from 1996. Distilling elements of punk, rock, grunge and blues riffs to their core elements, combined with foot stomping, head nodding beats and irreverent lyrics. We play raw, loud and loose.


Doors 8pm.

The Old England

43 Bath Buildings

Bristol, BS6 5PT

Old England Pub Bristol
The Bristol Germ Launch feat. The Naturals / Scalping + Special Guests

THE BRISTOL GERM LAUNCH!!!! And yea, dear friends, the first issue of ‘The Bristol Germ’ is announced; hark at the jubilation and cheering in the streets, for the age of enlightenment is nigh, and pierces the great malaise!

Featuring local legends The Naturals (experimental industrial psych) and new breakthrough act SCALPING (live techno accompanied by visuals) alongside other special guests in a top secret venue in Bristol, this show’s historic and cultural importance is beyond measure, and future generations will weep for having not been there themselves. ‘Tis a historic hour indeed; buy tickets now from Headfirst, lest you are left in the cold, as this event WILL sell out.

‘The Bristol Germ’ is an illustrated music magazine documenting a historic new episode in underground and avant-garde music taking place in Bristol, England. Verily, the city is a verdant Eden of DIY artistic culture, populated by a tight-knit but stylistically eclectic community of musicians and makers. Due to the shortcomings of the complacent and parochial mainstream music press, this moment has gone almost entirely under the radar, but in this magazine we have a dedicated effort to documenting this inspiring, dramatic and unique moment in new British underground music, pairing in-depth interviews with original illustrations by local artists; ‘tis a literary and visual voyage of discovery. Featuring artists and projects from across Bristol’s artistic spectrum (IDLES, Giant Swan, Howling Owl, Thorny, Oliver Wilde, Breakfast Records etc.), this magazine will be an inclusive and eclectic document of this historic epoch, launched to purchase physically or read for free online on the 25th November.

Secret Location Bristol
Blwyddyn Yn Nghwmni Neb: Twinfield / Ani Glass / Machynlleth Sound Machine + DJs Gareth Potter / Bernie COnnor

Parti I ddathlu blwyddyn yng nghwmni Neb.

A party to celebrate our first birthday.


Perfformiadau byw / Live performances




DJ sets



Dim llawer arall i ddweud. Hyfrydwch pur gyda yfed, dawnsio a tywyllwch.



Hwn fydd cyfle cyntaf I brynnu NEB006 – ‘Blwyddyn Yng Nghwmni Neb’, llyfr sy’n cynnwys lluniau o uchafbwyntau’r flwyddyn dwethaf, a dau gan newydd gan Ani Glass a Twinfield. Mae’r llyfr wedi’i brintio ar bapur naturiol o ansawdd uchel a’i selio mewn bag PVC sydd wedi’i glymu ar gau gyda chwlwm arbennig Neb. Eich penderfyniad chi yw e i ddinistrio darn o gelf neu beidio.


1. Generaduron – Ani Glass

2. Ystafelloedd Gwag – Twinfield


This will be your first opportunity to buy NEB006 – ‘Blwyddyn Yng Nghwmni Neb’, a book containing highlights of the last year and two new songs by both Neb artists – Ani Glass and Twinfield. The book is printed on high-grade natural paper and comes sealed in a PVC bag, which is then bound shut with a custom Neb tag tie.


1. Generaduron – Ani Glass

2. Ystafelloedd Gwag – Twinfield

The Sustainable Studio Cardiff
Flowerpot / BLaKRaBB1T / The Martyn Crocker Band / Narda Narda

Custard’s Punk Presents a night of Alternative rock. More Acts TBC.

Flowerpot (Bristol)

Flowerpot is an energetic rock band combining a wide range of rhythms and melodies to bring you a new, unique sound.

With a multitude of influences from Guns & Roses to Halestorm, and Muse to Crobot, Flowerpot is a young energetic 4 piece infusing intricate drum beats, catchy slashing guitar riffs, thumping heavy bass lines and powerful melodic vocals to produce an exciting and unique new sound in the world of rock


BLaKRABB1T is a take on dirt and smoke interpreted through the void and alive to grace the blackness and beauty in vulnerability.

Containing former members of Somnus and Hate Machanism they will be sure to melt your faces with their Stoner, Post Rock, Doom, Psychedelic, Progressive, Blues sound.

The Martyn Crocker Band (Plymouth)

“This music deserves to be heard the world over.” – Listen With Monger

“In Favouritism we find an album that perfectly treads the line between understated singer/songwriter and all out indie rock.” – Belwood Music

“I certainly was blown away by this recording 9/10″ – Maximum Volume

They have supported/played alongside:

The Sherlocks, Tankus The Henge, Black Foxxes, This Wild Life, Steve Strong, Antimatador, Patrons, Land Of The Giants, Woahnows, Crazy Arm, Will Varley, Xylaroo, Wildwood Kin.

Narda Narda

5 Piece heavy rock/ pop band from Bristol who loves high energy and loud noise.

‘Narda Narda bring a fresh new perspective on pop/Punk rock’

Influenced by Tonight Alive, Marmozets, Tremonti, Green Day and Milk Teeth.

Old England Pub Bristol
Hully Gully presents… Children Of Zeus / Skunkadelic / Dirty Alex (Sound System Set) / Alfie Swan / Miles Day and Trinket

SAT 25TH NOV | £6 EARLY/£8 ADV | GWDIHW | 9-2

Children Of Zeus!

Manchester’s finest purveyors of Hip-Hop Soul come to the intimate setting of Gwdihw fresh from a summer of gaining acolades at international festivals playing alongside Jehst, Shabazz Palaces, The Abstract Orchestra does Madvillainy, and Black Star (Mos Def and Kweli)

“The Story So Far…” on First Word records is their debut EP, an aural map of their musical journey since being respectively part of Broke’N’English and providing the soulful vocals gracing rtacks by Caron Wheeler, Goldie and more.

If you don’t yet know, you will

We’re honoured to be able to host them, and have assembled a support line-up worthy of the event.


Charismatic baritone frontman of Afro Cluster, contributor to tracks by The Allergies, Cut La Vis, and with his own sol back catalogue, Skunkadelic brings the best of the highs and none of the lethargy of his namesake

Dirty Alex (Sound System Set)

We’ve negotiated that Dirty Alex can send the same fire breathing contingent that blew up The Hold Up stage at Hub Fest this summer – a trio of MCs working as one party starting leviathan. Their strong jazz influence with pedigree hip-hop has both tinges of golden era and an undeniable futurism

Alfie Swan

DJ, Beatsmith, and standard bearer for Cardiff electronic music makers, Alfie’s selection and delivery could be defined by the term heavy soul – if even a made up genre could restrict him! Classics and exclusives galore.

Last but not least

Miles Day and Trinket

Two absolute gems digging out absolute gems for you. Outernational soul, neo anthems, and the hip hip you should have heard.

Half price drinks 9-10 to get you started right and you won’t want to miss a minute!

Gwdihw Cardiff
And So I Watch You From Afar

And So I Watch You From Afar



£15.00 adv

Additional Info

Ages 14+

Sun 26 Nov 2017

And So I Watch You From Afar released fourth full-length album, ‘Heirs’, on Sargent House in May 2015. The album marks the band’s return to recording as a four-piece with their now full- time member Niall Kennedy. They returned to work again with Rocky O’Reilly to record and mix the album in Belfast. It is their boldest statement yet; an album bursting with a positive vigor, that states a renewed case for a magnetizing band at its best.

ASIWYFA has built a legion of fans across the world by playing, thus far, over 700 amazing live shows. With unfalteringly great songs, their last album, 2013’s ‘All Hail Bright Futures’, earned the band its third-in-a-row Choice Music Prize nomination for Irish Album of The Year.

Thekla Bristol
Bellies / Motes / Sue

Bellies are drums, guitar and voice exploring the sinister dimensions of contemporary life, too much data and distracted consciousness.

Motes are xylophone/drums/guitar. Drunk-minimal / hypnotist-un-rock based at the ventriloquistic intersection of barrow gurney and old market.

Sue are riffs and songs via synths, double-voice, & drums. New project from Steph, Sam, Tina

Free entry with donations

Old England Pub Bristol
Esuna / Sunshine

Yup, a november M&A Gwdihw show. What a treat.



Cardiffian riff fam. Well past their GCSE mathgaze origins, treat new single ‘Danger First’ like a postmath dissertation.


Freejazzdeathnoise trio featuring former M&A alumni.



£3 in, 7:30 doors for 8:00 start, Many noises, much fun.

Same routine as usual, please be nice.

If we still have Pipes Oktoberfest on the pump I highly recommend (sic – Ed) it.

Gwdihw Cardiff


The Moon Cardiff
*SOLD OUT* 1% Of One presents… Thurston Moore (solo)


Thurston Moore (solo)

+ special guests

As part of the Louisiana’s 30th anniversary series, we’ll be hosting a very intimate, one-off solo show from the hugely influential Thurston Moore. With a thirty year tenure shredding for Sonic Youth tucked beneath his belt, Moore continues to leave his mark at the peak of US alternative rock with The Thurston Moore Group, also featuring members of Sonic Youth / My Bloody Valentine / Nought.

Special guests still to be announced!

£20.00 adv. (SOLD OUT)

The Louisiana

Wapping Rd, Bathurst Terrace

Bristol BS1 6UA

Louisiana Bristol
Liquid Library & Cardboard Club present… CaRTeR / R.R.S. / Hollowtown / Fanial Dord

Liquid Library and Cardboard Club are teaming up to bring you a night of weird stuff!

We will be welcoming the brand new tape by CaRTeR into the world and have enlisted some friends to help us!

Carter is the solo project of Bristol based electronic musician & home recording artist Neil Carter.

Using modular synth and field recordings Carter looks to create pieces of hazy dream ambient. Awash with electronic warmth, digital noise, tape hiss and sculpted feedback drones. Loops that slowly, patiently evolve and degrade…


self appointed cardboard prince, funky beats and noise with an industrial grit and andy kaufman style aesthetic


improvised ambient performance.

lo-fi. gloom. drone.

influences include Grouper, Giles Corey, Tim Hecker.

Faniel Dord

Long ago in the chaotic dustbin of the cosmos lived a king among devils.

He be Faniel Dord, and he brought some of his chums to bless us all with stories, songs and shenanigans!

As usual we’ll have visuals and tapes and fun stuff!

Old England Pub Bristol
DIY Cardiff presents… The Smudjas / Peachfuzz / Think Pretty

DIY Cardiff Presents…


Indie Punk perfection all the way from Milan, Italy.


The best thing to come out of Bridgend since McArthur Glen. Powerpop greatness ffo The Replacements and Teenage Fanclub. First Cardiff gig in actual years!


Riot Grrl Art Rock from the capital city!

+ 1 more



£6 ADV, 7.30PM DOORS.

Tickets available from

Gwdihw Cardiff
Swine Language presents… Boy Harsher


Formed in Savannah (GA), Boy Harsher is a dark electronic duo that produces gritty dance beats infused with ethereal vocals, creating a sound that is eerie, intense and incredibly danceable. Augustus Muller develops the underbelly of sound with minimal beats and grinding synths, where Jae Matthews whispers, screams and chants on top. Together, the music created is somewhere between industrial, drone and confessional storytelling. Muller and Matthews both have a strong background in film and their cinematic approach translates effectively in both their recordings and liv…e performance.

Their upcoming ‘Country Girl’ EP via Ascetic House is set for release this October and will be a sure fire record of 2017. Watch the video for new track ‘Motion’ here –


Advance Tickets (no booking fee) –

Wednesday 29th November
Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

Advance Tickets – £7
18+ (please bring I.D.)

Buffalo Bar Cardiff
Strangest Things

Strangest Things

10:30pm | £3 – £5 | 18+

‘Strangest Things’ is the ’80s themed immersive clubnight inspired by the Netflix TV series, Stranger Things! Soundtracked strictly by vinyl records featured in and inspired by the show. An event made by fans, for fans.

Following our sold out Halloween party – Strangest Things returns! We will be taking over one of Cardiff’s best venues, Clwb Ifor Bach – on Wednesday 29th November, to take you to the upside down!

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
HEXIT / Drunken Master

HEXIT – Freeform freakout instrumentalists. A rhythmical powerhouse with 2 x guitar attack, Sax & Moog Oscillations.

Drunken Master – The music of occult Somerset with Don Mandarin.

Old England Pub Bristol
Shop Girls / Flowers for Freaks / Mellt

We’re delighted to bring the stunning, 60’s influenced Indie-Pop of Shop Girls to Gwdihw on November 29th!

Support comes from Flowers for Freaks & Mellt.

Gwdihw Cardiff
The Bad Ideas\Chemicals Cosmic Re-Launch Variety Night feat. Deep Hum / Tom Emlyn / Obey Cobra (Music) & Crystal Jeans / Sion Tomos Owen / Sara Annwyl / Susie Wild / Lloyd Markham (Readings)

A variety night of atmospheric music, art and literature. A recreation of a dream book launch that never happened. Also, perhaps, an alien intervention (further details to be confirmed as we translate the elaborate pattern of sine-waves being emitted to us from Alpha Centauri).

Readings by Crystal Jeans, Sion Tomos Owen, Sara Annwyl, Susie Wild and Lloyd Markham.

Music by Deep Hum, Tom Emlyn, and Obey Cobra.

Doors Open at 18.00.

£4 Entry.

The Moon Cardiff
Boy Azooga

Cardiff’s very own 4 headed instrument swapping monster play a hometown show

No entry after 12am

Tickets available now

let’s boogie 🌙

Transport Club Cardiff
Iceman Furniss presents… Foster and Found EP / Zeitgiest / It Blinked / Sublunary / HFE + Totality DJs


Foster and Found

“rough around the edges post punk … intense and unhinged” – Big Jeff

“authentically angry”

.. . . … .. . release their first EP with special guests including

xxxxxxxxxxxx Totality DJs playin all evening


Zeitgeist UK (Leeds) —– – — – - – - – - — – - – - – - -

‘somewhere in between Bill Evans and Meshuggah’

- — — – - —– SUBLUNARY

‘Sublunary is a one-man project comprised of an electric guitar, a set of pedals and a diverse wealth of influences. Inspired in equal parts by the various developments in ambient music, the musical language of fin-de-siècle classical composers and the improvisational aesthetics of jazz, Alun Elliott-Williams ( Waldo’s Gift ) takes full advantage of his musical hegemony in this project by crafting large-scale compositions that weave in between the impromptu and the pre-conceived.’


It Blinked – - – - —- INSTRUMENTAL NOISES



Returning mass multi horns/woodwind wall of sound NOISE made up of players to be confirmed playing a structure written by “local brassface”


Old England Pub Bristol
Aphelion Editions presents… Sukitoa o Namau


Sukitoa o Namau (MAR) + Support

Thursday 30th November 2017 at The Mother’s Ruin

Very excited to be hosting Moroccan experimental sound artist Sukitoa o Namau’s Bristol show as she tours the UK in November/December 2017! Support to be confirmed soon.


Sukitoa o Namau is a moroccan experimental sound artist.

Her background is rooted into contemporary dance, performing arts and visual arts. She uses sound to delve into concepts and processes like fascination, hypnosis, « aura » and trance.

Mother's Ruin Bristol
Minty’s Gig Night & All My Friends present… Rews (LP Launch)

Minty’s Gig Night & All My Friends present Rews ‘Pyro’ LP Launch + support | Thu 30th Nov | 7.30pm | £8/6adv

Minty’s Gig Guide to Cardiff & All My Friends are delighted to bring the return of the spiky, high energy, punchy pop-rock of Rews to Gwdihw who are touring soon to be released LP, ‘Pyro’!

Freshly signed to Marshall Records, REWS are a gritty girl:girl Belfast/London duo that play edgy rock guitar and drums. Once signed they recorded their debut album in the world renowned Abbey Road Studios in London, in June 2017 they released their first single on Marshall “Miss You In The Dark” to coincide with their Glastonbury show on the mighty John Peel Stage.

We were absolutely packed for their show in February, so get tickets before they fly out again!

Gwdihw Cardiff
Dictionary Pudding presents… Faust

Dictionary Pudding are DELIGHTED to welcome genuine krautrock/avant-garde legends FAUST to Bristol!

Tickets =

As Krautrockers, Faust had a worldwide career. On their first three albums in the early 1970s, they inhabited the vast field from improvisation to bricolage to rock’n'roll with the ease of rogues and the determination of declared sonic renegades. They were big in Britain before the notion of Krautrock had made the rounds in Germany. One can still feel the breathing of this music, the bubbling of this primal soup, in current faUSt pieces, in the stone-age thudding of “Fish”, which Faust anticipated in 1972 on “Mamie Is Blue”. But you will also be able to distinguish the as-yet- unheard if you allow yourself enough audio time. The sound of a squeaky door from the house of Jean-Hervé Péron, for which the musician has the same kind of enthusiasm others might reserve for a brilliant guitar riff (“gripping, touching”); or the minute-long fadeout of “Fish”, which Zappi Diermaier is so excited about. The only plan is for the band to take off without a plan. “We let the music play through us,” says Jean-Hervé Péron. Everything else is up to the listener, to make his own film. Jean-Hervé Péron has a little tip for us: Listen to the fish.

An incredible evening awaits – and tickets are sure to fly, so snap up now:

Fiddlers Bristol / FRI 1ST DEC 2017 / 1930-2300

18£ ADV FROM AND Bristol Ticket Shop , as well as all good online retailers

upcoming Dictionary Pudding Bristol shows…

THE SURFING MAGAZINES (The Wave Pictures / Slow Club) 10.09.17

Lee Scratch Perry in Bristol (Full-Band Live Show!) 01.10.17

Acid Mothers Temple in Bristol 19.10.17

Sun Ra Arkestra directed by Marshall Allen in Bristol 29.10.17

The Fall in Bristol 29.11.17

Presented by Dictionary Pudding Promotions


Fiddlers Bristol
THORNY presents… Lone Taxidermist

We are THORNY, the rallying stage for the rejected.

In cracked reflection of Grayson Perry’s acclaimed exhibition, we’re raiding Arnolfini with our loved-fueled provocative party for the outsiders. We’ve summoned grotesque electropop monster LONE Taxidermist, who’s bringing her trifly mess to Bristol for the very first time. She and her latex entourage are headlining this raucous clubnight of anti-gender live art, music and DJs.

Full programme to be revealed soon.


Limited early bird: £8 (£6 concession)

General release: £10 (£8 concession)

THORNY are a collective of artists, performers and producers from Bristol, UK. Our events are safe spaces for all regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or rejection of gender. There will be zero tolerance for any discriminative behaviour which doesn’t support this ethos. If you have any concerns, talk to one of our team or the venue staff. Please be nice, be open-minded & enjoy your night.


Arnolfini is accessible for wheelchair users, with disabled toilets on all levels and lift access to all floors. This event will take place on the ground floor. If you have specific access requirements please email us at and we’ll do all we can to facilitate. Companions to disabled customers are entitled to a free ticket.

Arnolfini Bristol


The Moon Cardiff
The Hepburns / Oblong

The Hepburns + Oblong

Friday, December 1, 2017 from 07:00 pm to 11:00 pm

The Hepburns are a Welsh indie band from Llanelli. They formed in January 1985 and have recorded ten albums, two EPs, one single, and four BBC sessions in their 32-year career. They have been signed to Berkeley-based label Radio Khartoum since the 1990s, following a two-year tenure at London’s Cherry RedRecords from 1987–1989. They toured the US and Scandinavia in 2007.

Born of the post-punk, indie boom of the early-80s, but with their roots in the 1960s, their sound is an amalgam of indie guitar pop with Burt Bacharach, Jake Thackray, and Jonathan Richman, a style fast becoming known in Carmarthenshire as ‘Thackarich’.

They are due to release their 11th studio album, In the Mean Time, a wry look at a post-Brexit, post-Trump world and the plight of the former working classes in the late-capitalist era, in February 2018.

Le Public Space Newport
Twrw presents/yn cyhoeddi… Candelas / Alffa / Pyroclastig



Alffa, Pyroclastig

7:00pm | £7 | 18+

🎄 TWRW Christmas gig

⭐️ We’re happy to announce that Candelas will be gracing our stage once more this Christmas!

Joining Candelas will be Alffa & Pyroclastig.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Jeramiah Ferrari

Another Friday night groover, we can’t wait to bring the unique reggae-rock of Jeramiah Ferrari to Gwdihw! From Manchester, the band excitingly fuse together styles of reggae, rock, ska and punk to make a truly memorable and essential new sound.

Brought up on a diet of Bob Marley, Toot and the Maytals and Sublime, the band have brought their own unique brand of dancing reggae ska to the festival stages, including Sol Festival, Galtres Festival and The Gomad Festival in Ooty (India), The Willowman Festival with The Wailers and Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show.

+ Support & Gwdihw DJs

Gwdihw Cardiff
Hagar The Womb / Public Order Act / Kiss My Acid / Qeld / 51st State


Carnival Punks are delighted to announce, that we’ve only got the fantastic Hagar The Womb coming down to play in BS5. This night is gonna be rather special, not to mention mad and chaotic!!!!


Female fronted anarcho punk band, formed in a toilet, at the Autonomy Centre in Wapping, London, in 1981.

The Hags brought along alot of colour and fun, into the serious business of the anarcho punk scene!

They played regulary on the London and UK punk circuit, supporting the likes of the Mob, Zounds, Conflict, Flux Of Pink Indians, Subhumans, Action Pact and Cult Maniax, to name a few, as well as many head lining gigs.

The band released home made tapes, and recorded their first studio tracks in 1982. One of those tracks ‘For The Ferryman’ ended up on Mortarhate Records 1984 comp ‘Who What Why When Where’ album.

The bands first full release in 1984, was the very catchy and upbeat 12″ on Mortarhate Records, titled ‘Word Of The Womb’. It reached No. 2 in the UK Indie Charts, which was no mean feat at the time, holding off the Smiths and staying in the top 10 for months! The Hags then went on to record a 4 track session for the John Peel show on Radio 1.

In 1985, they recorded and released their second vinyl 12″, ‘Funnery In A Nunnery’. This reached No 6 in the UK indie charts and capured the true sound of the Hags!

In the following couple of years, band members left and others joined, but the band fizzled out in 1987.

But luckily for us, the Hags reformed in 2011, playing regular gigs, recording again and causing mayhem wherever they go! (but in a nice way!!!). They recorded an 7″ ep in 2014 for All The Madmen Records and in 2016 shared a split ep with Anthrax, on Grow Your Own Records.

in 2011, Mississippi Records in the USA released an album with both the 12″ releases on it along with the Mortarhate Records comp track included.

Then in 2016, the band self released a CD album, with vertually everything the band have released to date, with the first two 12″ releases, the Mortarhate comp track, the All The Madmen Records 2014 ep, live tracks from 1985 and demo tracks from 1982 all included.


Bristol’s very own dub punk trio. With a long list of gigs under their belts, in pubs, squats and festivals, POA are causing a stir wherever they play!!!


DIY demented punk from the slums of Ireland.


Anarcho black block hip hop from Bristol. Been around since 2007, performing locally and all over the UK and in Europe. Released their debut album ‘Kush Zombies’ in 2016, which is a must if you haven’t gto a copy!


Anarcho punk two piece, just on the drums and bass (but far more interesting than Goldie!). Good friends of Carnival Punks and we’re always happy to put these good lads on!!!

Suggested £5 donation on the door

7pm til late

*** This gig is part of a Carnival Punks weekend at the Chelsea Inn! Following this gig, we have the next day, an alldayer, with……









The Chelsea Inn Bristol
Qu Junktions and Howling Owl present… Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang / Blood Sport + Worm Disco Club DJ’s

Qu Junktions and Howling Owl invite some musical friends from near and far for this live-action Saturday night dancefloor doozy: cross-talking rhythms, buoyant melodic mantras and surging electronic undercurrents form a potent panacea against the incoming December clench.

From West Africa via New York comes Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang, an unstoppable Afro-synth express train signed to David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label: the folk rhythms of Janka’s native Sierra Leone transposed to a laser-guided electronic template of drum machine kicks, twitching analogue keys and propulsive bass, all conducted through Janka’s kinetic vocalist-animateur presence.

From Sheffield, and for the very last time in these parts, come Blood Sport: the pulverising post-techno guitar/drum/electronics trio are sadly calling time on their adventures in rhythm and sound, and having declared Bristol their ‘second home’ following a string of memorably sweaty sessions in recent years, don’t miss them firing up the engine for this glorious final circuit.

Plus Bristol’s Worm Disco Club DJs threading worldly, wobbly percussive selections through proceedings until late.

Crofters Rights Bristol
Eight Rounds Rapid / Burning Ferns

Eight Rounds Rapid + Burning Ferns

Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 07:00 pm to 11:00 pm

This is a free event!

Going public a couple of years ago as support on Wilko Johnson’s thankfully unfinal tour (ERR guitarist Simon Johnson is Wilko’s son), Eight Rounds Rapid proved themselves less of a support act and more of a grenade attack. With David Alexander’s keening, Cockney vocals being reminiscent of a young Mark Perry from ATV barking out seaside Sleaford Mods slogans, and Johnson’s guitar occupying the hinterland between early Jam and early Stones, Eight Rounds Rapid sound like every kind of punk.

New album Objet D’Art carries on where their debut Lossleader left off, with rhythm ’n’ blues being subjected to sneering and thrashing on Bully Boy and the brilliant ranting Ratton, and new levels of subtlety on Johnny Ray and mini-epic Mystery. Sometimes ERR remind you of the Screaming Blue Messiahs (no bad thing), but mostly they remind you of nobody but themselves.

Le Public Space Newport
The Wild-Beesley FUNdraiser


You may have heard, riff-legend and all round wonderful human Dan Wild-Beesley, of Cleft and GUG, needs our help – an oncology specialist has recommended he undertake a particular treatment which isn’t currently provided by the English NHS :( The course consists of 3 months of targeted chemotherapy in Istanbul with an 80% success rate!! Read Dan story here:

Dan and his wife Jess are truly wonderful super humans, this all day mega-baefest event is put on by people who know and love them, to raise money the only way we know how – with a big P4RTY!! 10 hours of mates, bands and party games to kick cancer in it’s BIG UGLY STUPID HECKIN’ FACE GOOD AND PROPER



-Steve Strong Music


-Hoggs Bison

-Jack Nash


-People Like Milk Products (members of Chiyoda Ku and Memory of Elephants



- Body Hound

Donation Entry


Love of love,

Kat and Ash

M4D SM4SH xoxo

All artwork courtesy of the wonderful Chris Lambourne.


Old England Pub Bristol


The Moon Cardiff
Gravy Train presents… Arrows of Love

Gravy Train presents:

Arrows of Love

Full line up of bands TBA.


The Old England

Sunday 3rd December

16:00 – 00:00

More details to follow.


Arrows Of Love, the 5-piece led by co-writers Nima and Nuha, have gone through many transitions over the years, a group that resembles more of a collective than a band. Having met through a lifestyle of artistic warehouse communities, Arrows are a constantly evolving force led by fiercely energetic live shows and wildly inventive songwriting.

Arrows of Love present their new album, ‘PRODUCT’, mastered by Shellac’s Bob Weston (David Bowie, LCD Soundsystem), and produced by MIkko Gordon (Thom Yorke live, Gaz Combes).

“Brilliant, ferocious” – The Independent

“One of the most extreme and extremely enjoyable albums of the year.” – Louder Than War

“Given this dearth of decent guitar music, it’s something of a surprise when one comes along and punches you in gut. Or in the case of Arrows of Love, perhaps plunges you one in the eye.

- The Quietus

Old England Pub Bristol
TOTALITY presents… Kukangandai / COIMS + DJs Orinoco No Flow

Totality will host a very special show at crofters rights on Sunday December 3rd. A night of truly avant garde and underground music in the live room from touring Japanese noise-math trio 空間現代 and Bristol’s own COIMS.

Ensuring there will be no respite from the chaos churning on the stage we’ll have the formidable, joyously rad DJ team Orinoco No Flow opening the night then continuing at intermission and finally closing the night out.



Formed in 2006 with Junya Noguchi on guitar and vocals, Keisuke Koyano on bass guitar, and Hideaki Yamada on drums. Performing as a three-piece, its tracks are made through a process of editing, replicating, and deliberate error.

This music creates a sense of distortion and places a burden on the performers, leading to their characteristically stoic and humorous live shows. In recent years, the band has attempted to construct and implement a form of live concert in which they go back and forth between playing multiple simultaneous songs in parallel, but the flow of time as a whole manifests as a single unified rhythm.

Promotion Clip:

Live Footage: ,


Experimental sound duo, often using modern percussion and fretted instruments to create primitive sonic freedom. Jan and Oli making one hell of a scary racket. Perfect.

Sound – ,

DJing in the bar will be Orinoco No Flow – not to be missed!

£5 adv / £6.66 OTD

Crofters Rights Bristol
DakhaBrakha / Yama Warashi


DakhaBrakha is world music quartet from Kiev, Ukraine. Reflecting fundamental elements of sound and soul, Ukrainian “ethno-chaos” band DakhaBrakha, create a world of unexpected new music.

The name DakhaBrakha is original, outstanding and authentic at the same time. It means “give/take” in the old Ukrainian language. Accompanied by Indian, Arabic, African, Russian and Australian traditional instrumentation, the quartet’s astonishingly powerful and uncompromising vocal range creates a trans-national sound rooted in Ukrainian culture.

Live Soundtrack for “Earth”: In addition to their own performances, DakhaBrakha also performs their original live soundtrack alongside a screening of the classic 1930 film, “Earth”, by Aleksandr Dovzhenko (considered to be one of the most important films of the Soviet era). Dovzhenko is a master of composition, and the film—with its intense close-ups and the impressive expanses of the landscape—is a passionate tribute to the countryside, to nature, and to the people that work on it.

With support from Yama Warashi

Yama Warashi is formed by Bristol-based Japanese musician Yoshino Shigihara. Her songs are about nature, mushrooms, tangled relationships of humans and moon phases

Featuring The Lanes massive new L’Acoustic sound system.

Bowling will be closed during the performance

Ticket Link -

The Lanes Bristol
Swn & All My Friends present… Pictish Trail / Monoganon

Swn & All My Friends present Pictish Trail, w/ Monoganon & more | Tue 5th Dec | 7.30pm | £9adv

Clash Mag: “The opening track from The Pictish Trail’s brilliant new record begins with moody, droning strings coupled with a Massive Attack-style retro hip-hop beat and is inspired by the Coen Brothers’ snowy thriller Fargo. This mismatch of ideas and styles pretty much sums up ‘Future Echoes’ – it’s diverse, it’s original, but most of all, it’s super fun.

Pictish – AKA Johnny Lynch – has never been one for seriousness, peppering his live shows with gold jackets and glitter, anecdotes on the wonders of rural Scottish island life and massive electro rave outs to end a moving folky number. He’s an entertainer in the best possible sense…But it has huge depth too – beautiful melodies, gorgeous harmonies and groove you can dance too.”

+ Monoganon & more TBC

Gwdihw Cardiff
Normandie & Ryan Key (Yellowcard) / Grumble Bee

Clwb Ifor Bach

Normandie & Ryan Key (Yellowcard)

Grumble Bee

7:00pm | £8 | 16+

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff

Wed 06 Dec BLUE ROSE CODE (SEATED SHOW) 7.30PM (new rescheduled date – original tickets from Feb 2017 still valid) £12.50 adv

The Moon Cardiff
Lesson No.1 & F.Y.B. present… Futuro De Hierro / Stomack / Harrga




Futuro De Hierro is a cool dude from Barcelona named Victor who has been in a couple of noisy/psych/underground bands like ORDRE ETERN and QA’A, and done live/studio collaborations with heads from FAUST, NURSE WITH WOUND, EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN and GNOD. This is his vocals-and-electronics solo project which is on a stripped-down industrial techno tip – menacing vocals and crunchy distorted rhythms. “Mixes the legacy of Esplendor Geometrico and Throbbing Gristle with the heavyness of Swans or early Laibach,” sez one of his labels. Have some of that! Latest EP on the rad Opal Tapes label is here:


First Welsh performance (and third in total – their debut was in May, on the same bill as Futuro De Hierro) for the duo of Alex Morgan and Darren Kaskie, of the band THE DEATH OF MONEY. Stomack takes the more ambient/experimental side of their heavy rock and leads it down an electronic corridor, with deep bass and leftfield techno rhythms expected. No music online yet but expect this to be class!


Another new duo, Harrga are based in Bristol and feature Miguel Prado and Dali de Saint Paul, both busy parts of the city’s experimental music scene. Based on their performance supporting Senyawa back in September, get ready for powerful, evolving electronic noise, unsettling ambience and an intense vocal performance from Dali.

ALL HAPPENING AT: Undertone, Church Street, Cardiff

DOORS: 7.30pm

£6 on the door

Undertone Cardiff
Iceman Furniss Mixtape Launch With Guests


Cafe Kino Bristol
Calcine Quartet / Hokkett / Invisible Man

An evening of Improvised Music – encompassing Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, Free Noise & Spontaneous Composition

Free – with donations

- – -

Calcine Quartet – Freely Improvised Sonic Heat

Matthew Grigg – Guitar/Amplifier

Dominic Lash – Double Bass

Rebecca Sneddon – Alto & Tenor Saxophones

Roger Telford – Drums, Percussion

- – -

Hokkett – Skronky / wonky riffs, snippets of melodies and hints of harmonies

Tina Hitchens – Flutes

Yvonna Magda – Violin

Helen Papaioannou – Baritone Saxophone

- – -

Invisible Man – Paul and Euan play with their Guitar, Drums, Voices, and Tapes

Paul Archibald – Drums, Tapes, Voice

Euan Metz – Guitar, Voice, Tapes

“One day my log will have something to say about this.”

Old England Pub Bristol
Swn presents… Greta Isaac

Swn Presents

Greta Isaac

7:30pm | £7 | 16+

“An innovative and uncompromising Welsh artist…” – CLASH Magazine

Greta Isaac returns to Cardiff this December!

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Folk In The Owl’s Nest presents… Megs Emrys Band / Jack Cooper & The Offshore / Matt Evans

Megs Emrys Band

Modern folk-rock singer-songwriter Megs Emrys offers a rare combination of haunting, powerful vocals, beautiful melodies and rich poetry which effortlessly meld Latin American sounds with her Celtic roots.

Accompanied by a unique band steeped in blues and rock influences, you will be lured into both dancing and dreaming. Last year marked the release of her collaborative album ‘Mama Pacha’, recorded with Peruvian musicians. She has just released her debut solo EP “Solar Motorbike”: soulful with a touch of Peruvian magic.

Support comes from Jack Cooper & The Offshore and Matt Evans!

Gwdihw Cardiff
Sweet Baboo

The second of Sweet Baboo’s awesome December shows here at the Transport Club. Ticket info coming soon…

Transport Club Cardiff
Fat Paul presents… Gaelynn Lea

“Karen Dalton and Joanna Newsom melt together in the form of Gaelynn Lea & set about absolutely obliterating your heart.” –Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)

Classically trained violinist and songwriter Gaelynn Lea has been bewitching scores of fans with her haunting original songs and experimental takes on traditional fiddle music. Her work most recently won NPR Music’s 2016 Tiny Desk Contest, a competition drawing submissions of original songs from more than 6,000 musicians across the country.

£10.00 advance


Exchange Bristol
Swn presents… The Wytches

Swn Presents

The Wytches

7:00pm | £11 | 16+

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Wizzarding Promotions presents… Wren / Kurokuma / Cegvera

Wizzarding Promotions proudly presents to the denizens of Bristol, Avalon, and beyond:

A night of intense post-metal featuring Wren and friends!


Wren [London]

(Holy Roar)

“The crux of Wren’s style is a gloomy aggression, but that doesn’t mean they’re a one trick pony. [...] brooding post-metal and crushing sludge.” – Astral Noize


Kurokuma [Sheffield]

“Uneasy psychedelic sludge with pulsing tribal rhythms, hoarse vocals, intricately layered and wildly performed solos and massive Fleshpress-esque riffs, it’s heavy, fiercely unique stuff” – Terrorizer


Cegvera [Bristol]

Cegvera is an instrumental band that was born in Bristol, inspired by José Saramago. The band tries to wake up hidden or forgotten feelings. Songs are stories, however it’s up to the audience to create them. Melodic ambience, atmosphere and drone are as important as the riffs. Saying that, if you are into heavy psych, doom, sludge or post-rock you should give this band a try.

Fractals out now (digital)

‘Its absorbing heaviness captivates your whole being, intercalated with fuzzy heavy psych elements that enrich the entire album. The blindness never ceases to exist…’ – Roadtrip


Free / Pay what you want / Donation at The Old England pub, Montpelier, Bristol.




Old England Pub Bristol
Marilyn Manson

Ahead of his 18th studio album ‘Heaven Upside Down’, Marilyn Manson announces a UK tour in December.

Tickets go on sale Friday 19 May at 10am here:

Alternatively, tickets are available here:

Newport Centre Newport
playthecube: Alasdair Roberts, Tartine de Clous & Neil McDermott / Wenonoah

Over two December nights, Scottish folk music craftsman Alasdair Roberts records a new album with a specially invited group of musicians including French harmony group Tartine de Clous and Glaswegian fiddler Neil McDermott, in front of a live audience while in residence at Bristol’s Cube Cinema.

On the third day the musicians will present films – including the brand new documentary about legendary English singer Shirley Collins – talks and workshops.

3 day passes for all concerts, workshops & films: £25

Individual event info -

Friday 8th December – gig

Alasdair Roberts, Tartine de Clous & Neil McDermott

+ special guest Wenonoah

7.30pm / £12 adv or free to passholders,9735/

Saturday 9th December – gig

Alasdair Roberts, Tartine de Clous & Neil McDermott

+ special guest Balky Mule

7.30pm / £12 adv or free to passholders,9750/

Sunday 10th December – Singing workshop

hosted by Tartine De Clous

11am / £3 donations or free to passholders

Sunday 10th December – film event

The Ballad of Shirley Collins + Summer Walkers + Travelling For A Living

4pm onwards / £9 for all films or free to passholders

More info here:,9756/,9757/

playthecube is an artist residency series produced by The Cube Cinema and Qu Junktions. Previous artists-in-residence include Good Bad Happy Sad, Heatsick, Liz Harris (Grouper), Eric Chenaux & Eric Cazdyn and Luke Fowler & Richard Youngs.

Cube Cinema Bristol
Get Funky feat. Dixon Avenue / Basement Jams / Brynn Salter / Eben Rees

Get Funky

Dixon Avenue, Basement Jams, Brynn Salter & Eben Rees

11:00pm | £6 – £10 | 18+

After incredible responses to our shows in October and November, it only feels right to keep it moving with more Disco, Disco & Disco. Tickets go on sale Monday 23rd of October at 7pm.

In December we are joined by Glasgow’s finest Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. From starting their own record label back in 2012, Monox and The Wasp have elevated to new heights and are kingpins in the Glaswegian music scene.

DABJ have an extensive list of releases featuring the likes of Denis Sulta, DJ Haus and Marquis Hawkes.

Get Funky.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Luxury Bucket presents… Noizubito / √p38 / k1square / Rafi Siraj / Shit Creek

we’ve got a big night of strange and wonderful electronic stuff for you, and the long-awaited reunion of the huddersfield folks.

come boogie.

free entry – donations welcome.



indomitable noisy duo utilising eurorack, volcas, pedals and a whole bunch of other electro-gubbins to bring you improvised beats that veer from full-on sonic assault to off-kilter hypnagogia in the twitch of an eardrum.



data wizardry from big d evans.

jittery max/msp magic with suitably hectic visuals.

come get your discourse on and take a journey down the recontextual rabbit hole.



hope you all like liturgy and that.

skittering beats with big big bass from nick kidd.

as close as you’ll get to a religious experience this side of the pearly gates but with tasteful sidechain to boot.



separated from his flock, far to the north, the pigeon has foraged alone for sonic vittles.

but now he returns – and we shall feast on the ambient goodness.



yeah it’s the usual drone folk but this time in keeping with the night’s theme i’m bringing some yamaha My First Keyboard sort of things and firing them through the pedalboard so let’s see how that goes

Old England Pub Bristol
Bass 12 presents… Brass Christmas

Brass Christmas I gave you my heart! Bass 12 return for a badass brass winter warmer as they lay down Christmas tunes in their inimitable riot-jazz way!

Expect funked up Xmas tunes, with crimbo classics brassed up to the max!


Turning offbeat themes into funked-up, brassy brilliance, every 2nd Fri of the month, either Bass 12 and Wonderbrass will curate their own nights of bad-ass brass!

Gwdihw Cardiff
No Need To Shout presents… H09909

No Need To Shout Presents..






£12 + BF

Doors : 19.00

More info to Follow…..

Fiddlers Bristol
playthecube: Alasdair Roberts, Tartine de Clous & Neil McDermott / Balky Mule

Over two December nights, Scottish folk music craftsman Alasdair Roberts records a new album with a specially invited group of musicians including French harmony group Tartine de Clous and Glaswegian fiddler Neil McDermott, in front of a live audience while in residence at Bristol’s Cube Cinema.

On the third day the musicians will present films – including the brand new documentary about legendary English singer Shirley Collins – talks and workshops.

3 day passes for all concerts, workshops & films: £25

Individual event info -

Friday 8th December – gig

Alasdair Roberts, Tartine de Clous & Neil McDermott

+ special guest Wenonoah

7.30pm / £12 adv or free to passholders,9735/

Saturday 9th December – gig

Alasdair Roberts, Tartine de Clous & Neil McDermott

+ special guest Balky Mule

7.30pm / £12 adv or free to passholders,9750/

Sunday 10th December – Singing workshop

hosted by Tartine De Clous

11am / £3 donations or free to passholders

Sunday 10th December – film event

The Ballad of Shirley Collins + Summer Walkers + Travelling For A Living

4pm onwards / £9 for all films or free to passholders

More info here:,9756/,9757/

playthecube is an artist residency series produced by The Cube Cinema and Qu Junktions. Previous artists-in-residence include Good Bad Happy Sad, Heatsick, Liz Harris (Grouper), Eric Chenaux & Eric Cazdyn and Luke Fowler & Richard Youngs.

Cube Cinema Bristol
Swn presents… Estrons / Chroma / Palomino Party

Swn Presents


Chroma, Palomino Party

7:00pm | £8 | 16+

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff


Gnod (R&D) is a stripped back version of the band consisting for this outing of Gnod co founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam.

After 10 years of Gnod with over 40 players passing through the ranks and collaborations with the likes of Charles HAYWARD,Faust, Anthony Child and White Hills to name but a few, Gnod (R&D) is a chance to hit the road and ‘research and develop’ sounds, places, people and atmospheres for the next stages of future Gnod performances.

R&D will find Paddy and Chris improvising with new instruments, sounds and ideas with the option of collaborating with various musicians along the way. There will be an open stage at Gnod (R&D) shows and people are encouraged to get involved be it singing, shouting, dancing, bringing an instrument/device to the table or just simply tuning in and coming along for the ride.


Massimo and Thighpaulsandra met in 2016.

Massimo being a longtime fan of Coil, and Thighpaulsandra a longtime fan of ZU, it was clear there was a common ground to go and create new music together.

After one year of meetings their first album comes out on the great belgian label Consouling Sounds in September 2017.

Echoes of Coil music and Zu music appear here and there but the duo maps an uncharted territory. This is organic electronic music.

The live show will have also VISUAL

£10 Advance

Exchange Bristol
Odd Box Fundraiser feat. Helen Love / VAN-illa / HODAD / Lawndale High / Live, Do Nothing + DJs: Daytrip Records & GO APE Promotions Christmas set!


Helen Love



Lawndale High (ex-The Bellamys)

Live, Do Nothing

+ loads more

DJs: Daytrip Records + GO APE Promotions Christmas set!

Sunday 10th Dec 2017

The Moon Cardiff

2pm-10pm (bands til 10pm, DJs til midnight-ish)

All ages – bring the kids!

£10 adv + bf

Tickets on sale in Spillers Records, Diverse Music & Vinyl + online from + SEE

We’re putting on a fundraiser to help out Trev from Odd Box Records, one of our favourite record labels ever.

As Trev says, “over 9 years the label has paid its own way for over 120 releases, we’re just finding the current conditions very tough, and without clearing our debt Odd Box will not be able to continue finding exciting new bands and giving them a helping hand”.



Ground floor venue, flat entrance through double doors which will be fixed open, slight ramp down towards main bar. We have a gender neutral toilet, suitable for wheelchair users, with grab bars. We have plenty of seating available on benches and chairs. If you need to discuss access requirements, would like to bring a care assistant or want to arrive early before we open please email:

LOCAL BUSES – most buses stop on Westgate St:

TRAINS – 5 mins walk to Cardiff Central station

MEGABUS – Cardiff Castle stop by our street or Kingsway(3 mins)

NATIONAL EXPRESS stops at Sophia Gardens (8 mins walk)


NCP at the end of our street CF10 1EA is £3.50 all night after 5pm

All day / oversized vehicles: rugby ground car park, Westgate St £7

It’s at the lights by the castle, through the big gates then pay the guy in the cabin.

The Moon Cardiff
playthecube: Singing workshop + The Ballad of Shirley Collins, Summer Walkers, Travelling For A Living (film screenings)

Over two December nights, Scottish folk music craftsman Alasdair Roberts records a new album with a specially invited group of musicians including French harmony group Tartine de Clous and Glaswegian fiddler Neil McDermott, in front of a live audience while in residence at Bristol’s Cube Cinema.

On the third day the musicians will present films – including the brand new documentary about legendary English singer Shirley Collins – talks and workshops.

3 day passes for all concerts, workshops & films: £25

Individual event info -

Friday 8th December – gig

Alasdair Roberts, Tartine de Clous & Neil McDermott

+ special guest Wenonoah

7.30pm / £12 adv or free to passholders,9735/

Saturday 9th December – gig

Alasdair Roberts, Tartine de Clous & Neil McDermott

+ special guest Balky Mule

7.30pm / £12 adv or free to passholders,9750/

Sunday 10th December – Singing workshop

hosted by Tartine De Clous

11am / £3 donations or free to passholders

Sunday 10th December – film event

The Ballad of Shirley Collins + Summer Walkers + Travelling For A Living

4pm onwards / £9 for all films or free to passholders

More info here:,9756/,9757/

playthecube is an artist residency series produced by The Cube Cinema and Qu Junktions. Previous artists-in-residence include Good Bad Happy Sad, Heatsick, Liz Harris (Grouper), Eric Chenaux & Eric Cazdyn and Luke Fowler & Richard Youngs.

Cube Cinema Bristol
Plant Duw (Gig Lawnsio albym) / Argrph / Hyll / Y Gwyddel + DJ Hefin Jones

Fydd ‘Tangnefedd’, albym cynta Plant Duw ers dwnimpryd, yn cael ei lawnsio ar label Sbrigyn Ymborth yn y Big Top, Ten Feet Tall, Caerdydd, ar Nos Sul 10ed o Ragfyr, gyda cefnogaeth gan ARGRPH, HYLL ac Y GWYDDEL. DJ Hefin Jones yn sbinio discs rhwng bandiau. Mynediad £6. Dewch yn llu!

The Big Top Cardiff
The Glendale Family / Nia Ann / Rosey Cale

Gwdihw are absolutely delighted to bring you the psychedelic Folk of The Glendale Family on December 10th!

The Glendales have hit a rich run of form with highlights including playing BBC Introducing Stage at Focus Wales 2016 playing with British Sea Power at Focus Wales Festival, playing the headline festival show with BBC 2 FOLK AWARD WINNERS 9 Bach at Llangollen Fringe Festival with a run of Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, Chester Pride and a tour of Wales for Music In Hospitals still to come…

Support comes from the Soul-influenced Folk of Nia Ann & Rosey Cale.


Gwdihw Cardiff
Imperial Music presents… Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Imperial Music

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

7:00pm | £12 | 16+

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus bring the Don’t You Fake It world tour to Cardiff!

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Crywank / Toodles & the Hectic Pity / DOGEYED



Toodles & the Hectic Pity


More info to follow!

Tickets ‘ere:

Part of a punk-rock mega-week at Exchange!

14th – Throwing Stuff, Young Conservatives, Worst Witch & Probably Not

16th (matinee) – Don’t Break Down: Jawbreaker Documentary Screening, Bristol

16th – Specialist Subject & Deadpunk Christmas Party

17th – Apologies, I Have None, Kamikaze Girls, TE&M at Exchange

Exchange Bristol
David Thomas Broughton / Landslide Purist / Rachael Dadd

David Thomas Broughton occupies a contentious position, divides opinion, unsettles, is self-consciously clumsy, hilarious, beautiful but above all memorable. Walls of noise and layers of beauty interweave and delight at every turn. Many people use loops these days. Broughton includes the glitches, mistakes, and the resulting comedy in his act, works with what he has, and moves on. His performance can be unsettling and potentially confrontational.

Broughton writes songs of beauty, with classic themes of love, pain, hurt, suicide, depression, teenage angst etc… It’s just they come out with a comedic twist and are rarely reproduced in a live setting as they are heard on record.

Support comes from Bristol’s own Landslide Purist, whose album Get Your Hopes Down was released to much acclaim last year. Jim O’Rourke/These New Puritans-esque baroque-pop/rock n melancholy roll.

Also supporting is beloved Bristol folk artist Rachael Dadd!

Tickets: (£8 on the door)

Cafe Kino Bristol
Grace Petrie

Clwb Ifor Bach

Grace Petrie

7:30pm | £10 | 16+

Grace Petrie brings her Lefty Christmas tour to Clwb Ifor Bach this December and we can’t wait.

“A powerful new songwriting voice.” The Guardian

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Joy Collective presents… David Thomas Broughton and guests i
Transport Club Cardiff
Fuelled By Jealous Lovers presents… Roam

Fuelled By Jealous Lovers


7:30pm | £10 | 16+

Pop punk upstarts Roam release their latest full length, ‘Great Heights & Nosedives’ on 13th October.

Started in Eastbourne, UK, the five-piece have released several EPs and one full length, ‘Backbone’ (2015), since their inception in 2012.

With endless hooks, catchy choruses and plenty of posi-jumping, Roam are destined for pop-punk legend status.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Violet Skies / LVR / Parcs

Violet Skies

LVR & Parcs

7:30pm | £8

Violet Skies is a singer/songwriter from a little village in Wales whose music sounds bigger than her origins; a widescreen film, sensuous, vibrant, and evocative fusing inspirations such as Joni Mitchell with James Blake, Amy Winehouse with Bon Iver. Earmilk calls her songs “dynamic, emotional,” and the BBC’s Introducing has says that Violet has “a voice that can soar…that never forgets to carry emotion.” Her recent EP, This Was Us, is a highly emotive, personal, record chronicling the beginning of the end of a relationship.

Don’t miss Violet Skies at Clwb Ifor Bach this December.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Alcopop Does Wales feat. The Spook School / The Darling Buds

Alcopop Does Wales – The Spook School

Friday, December 15, 2017 from 07:00 pm to 11:30 pm

This is a free event!

Alcopop! Records is an independent record label run by Jack Clothier and Kevin Douch. The label began in Autumn 2006 as an affiliate or sister label to Douch’s main outfit Big Scary Monsters Recording Company. Now its own entity, the label is almost 100 releases old and works with the likes of Johnny Foreigner, Anamanaguchi, Fight Like Apes, The Crimea, Stagecoach and Get Inuit and The Spook School.

The Spook School – The Spook School are a four-piece band from Edinburgh, Scotland. The name is a reference to the Glasgow School. The band’s lyrics explore “gender, sexuality and queer issues” with themes such as “fluidity and the lack of a binary in gender”

Special Guests – The Darling Buds

Formed in 1986 in Newport South Wales, The Darling Buds soon became part of the UK’s rising indie pop scene. Constant touring and a successful batch of indie releases resulted in a deal with major record label Sony-Epic and a string of hit singles and albums followed, as well as prolific touring at home and abroad.

Over the course of 3 albums the bands style constantly evolved from the quick burst twee pop of debut ‘Pop Said’, into the groovy psychedelics of follow up ‘Crawdaddy’, and finally the cruelly overlooked alt-rock classic ‘Erotica’.

The band called it a day in 1992 due to waning interest in the UK and business complications in the US, where ironically the band’s popularity was soaring.

Following a 17 year silence, in which all the members remained close friends, an offer was made to reform for a tribute show in memory of the late John Sicolo, the TJ’s club owner and long time friend and champion of the band.

A line up featuring original singer Andrea Lewis, as well as former members Paul Watkins and Matt Gray, were joined by drummer Erik Stams and bass player Julian Hayman for the event, which originally intended as a one off, turned into 2 other spin off shows, one at London’s 100 club.

Inevitably this led to more offers, and eventually another London “one off” gig was arranged by indie promoter Mute Elephant, with original Bass player Chris McDonagh re-joining at this point.

Following the amazing success of this show the band tentatively agreed to carry on, albeit selectively. An appearance at Indie Daze Festival at London’s Forum and 2 back to back sell out shows at London’s Lexington were enthusiastically received. Various festival appearances followed including Indietracks and the band’s first trips abroad for over 20 years, to New York Popfest and Spain’s Lemonpop festival.

Le Public Space Newport
The Le Pub Christmas Party feat. Rogora Khart

What the people are saying….

The Big Splash – Newport 2014

Rogora Khart should be headlining the Millennium Stadium…,

Not the Riverside Theatre in Zooport. Fantastic, crazy, deeply amusing Eastern European-influenced punky folky rock’n'roll… with a beautiful bonkers dancer who makes Bez look like Nick Clegg… and delivered with an off the scale energy that makes the Sex Pistols look like Kraftwerk.

Imagine the Pogues fronted by Dracula. Rogora Khart are UKIP’s worst nightmare.

For no other reason than that, see this wonderful band NOW!


Brecon Jazz 2013

Managed to catch this bunch of looney-tunes at Brecon Jazz, and very glad I did!

They were certainly one of the most entertaining bands I saw; a perfect end the Festival.

Outrageous make-up and songs such as “Love Like Vodka”,

“Humdigaro” and “Bettws Bhangra” were a full-frontal assault on all the senses!

Best laugh I’ve had in quite a while! Not to be missed!

Le Pub Newport
DIY Cardiff 3rd Birthday feat. Apologies I Have None / Kamikaze Girls / Bicycle Thieves / Big Whoop + more

DIY Cardiff presents

The DIY Cardiff 3rd Birthday Half Dayer: A Benefit for Cathays Community Centre!

Playing will be…


Dark and Melodic Punk rock from London. Recently released the full length “Phamarcie” which was a total game-changer for the band, and UK punk as a whole. A band not to be missed!


Riot Grrl emo / punk from Leeds. Recently played at Buffalo for us, now they’re back as tour support for Apologies. Probably one of the best bands in the country at the moment, if not the world!


Melodic punk rock from Cardiff. Back gigging after what seems like a million years, with a bunch of new songs and *hopefully* a new record!

BIG WHOOP – [too punk for the internet]

Punk/indie pop jams from Cardiff. No bass guitars allowed! Members of Deadlines, Pink Grapefruit et al. FFO Diet Cig, Hop Along, Waxahatchee… in other words, they’re very good!

Plus loads more bands TBA

Cathays Community Centre (Main Hall), Cardiff

Saturday 16th December, 2017

£5 adv (more otd), 4pm doors. ALL AGES!

Advance tickets available from

This is a benefit gig for Cathays Community Centre, which is a valuable local space for those living in Cardiff. For more info visit:

Cathays Community Centre Cardiff
Ryan McMullan

Ryan McMullan

7:00pm | £10 | 16+

We can’t wait to welcome Portaferry’s young answer to Foy Vance, this December.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
The 9th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Trophy Disaster feat. Graveyard Johnnys / Pizza Tram / TIE Fighter Pilot

The 9th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Trophy Disaster

7:00pm | £7 | 18+

Come and celebrate The 9th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Trophy Disaster with Graveyard Johnnys headlining and support from Pizza Tram and TIE Fighter Pilot.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Palomino Party / Chupa Cabra + Rotary Club DJs

We’re throwing a Christmas party at Gwdihŵ Café Bar !!

This Christmas Party, you will be haunted by three spirits: We have evoked the ferocious spirits of Chupacabra, the ghost of all things decadent, obscure and drag Lilith and our dreadfully divine selves.

Then partying like it’s the 1843 Fezziwig ball, Rotary Club DJs will be DJing into the late hours playing a selection of disco, italo, house and some cheesy classics for good measure.

Come party and be merry with us, or be doomed to incessant torture, without rest or peace!!

Hosted by – Lilith the Gag Hag

The youngest of the Family Fur.

Supported by – Chupa Cabra

Tinnitus inducing three piece garage punk band, bringing a dizzying blend of psych punk and 60′s West Coast Garage.


& Rotary Club DJs

Ticket information coming soon x

Artwork: Jack Skivens

Gwdihw Cardiff

Sun 17 Dec RYDER THE EAGLE & SUPPORT 7.30PM 18+ £5.50 adv/£7 doors

The Moon Cardiff
Bubblewrap Collective Christmas Party feat. The Gentle Good / Cotton Wolf / Quodega + more

Bubblewrap Collective Christmas Party

The Gentle Good, Cotton Wolf, Quodega and more

4:00pm | £15 | 18+

Join Bubblewrap Collective for an all-dayer Christmas party at Clwb Ifor Bach.

Two floors / 10 acts / Free Records / Alternative Christmas Playlists

More acts to be announced soon…

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Porridge Radio / Garden Centre / Pink Grapefruit / Lawndale High



GARDEN CENTRE (brighton)




£5 or pay what you can (no one turned away for lack of funds)

all ages

resepect eachother and the venue

dont listen to porridge radio too much as it will be too emotional

accessibility info soon

Transport Club Cardiff
Last Ever RFTS Gig feat. Trust Fund / Speed Skater / Pup Tent

The last ever show at RftS. Sob!

But it’s a bona fide belter. And it’s a fundraiser for Solidarity Not Silence, so stick that in your misogynist pipe and smoke it.

Trust Fund

Perfect pop genius. We owe them the world.

Speed Skater

Winter Olympians released one of the records of 2017.

Pup Tent

Reconstituted gravy.

£5 suggested donation on the door. Or more!

Roll For The Soul Bristol
Stars In Their Eyes

Our first Stars in the new building!

So exciting!

Le Pub Newport
New Year / New Noise 5 feat. EBU / Elvin Brandhi / Obsidian Teeth / Daniela Dyson + Spectres ‘Slug Life’ film screening


Weekend Ticket >>>
Friday Ticket >>>
Saturday Ticket >>>

New Year / New Noise 5 will be the last but we are going to do all we can to make this event last long in yours ears and souls. We will be taking over Brunswick Club for the final throes and over three days (a third day of extra curricular activities is soon to be announced) we will be cramming you all full of art, noise and reaction.

Before the first New Year / New Noise we could have only dreamt of working with the …artists that we have since been able to for these events, and as a misty-eyed nod to the first night back in 2014, we have brought back the first headliners but swapped them round because we thought that would be fun.

Not going to fill you with spiel about the acts featured in this edition, but you should know by know there is premium range and the range is premium. Investigate for yourselves and come join us in the Brunswick Club for a monumental wake.

Giant Swan >>>

Vessel >>>

Moor Mother >>>

S4U >>>

Nervous Conditions >>>

Night One of the final New Year / New Noise.

EBU >>>

Elvin Brandhi >>>

Obsidian Teeth >>>

Spectres ‘Slug Life’. A film by James Hankins >>>

Brunswick Club Bristol
New Year / New Noise 5 feat. Giant Swan / Vessel / Moor Mother / S4U / Nervous Conditions



Weekend Ticket >>>
Friday Ticket >>>
Saturday Ticket >>>

New Year / New Noise 5 will be the last but we are going to do all we can to make this event last long in yours ears and souls. We will be taking over Brunswick Club for the final throes and over three days (a third day of extra curricular activities is soon to be announced) we will be cramming you all full of art, noise and reaction.

Before the first New Year / New Noise we could have only dreamt of working with the …artists that we have since been able to for these events, and as a misty-eyed nod to the first night back in 2014, we have brought back the first headliners but swapped them round because we thought that would be fun.

Not going to fill you with spiel about the acts featured in this edition, but you should know by know there is premium range and the range is premium. Investigate for yourselves and come join us in the Brunswick Club for a monumental wake.

Giant Swan >>>

Vessel >>>

Moor Mother >>>

S4U >>>

Nervous Conditions >>>

Night One of the final New Year / New Noise.

EBU >>>

Elvin Brandhi >>>

Obsidian Teeth >>>

Spectres ‘Slug Life’. A film by James Hankins >>>

Brunswick Club Bristol
Pop Or Not presents… Snails / Edward Penfold / Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks

Saturday 13th November, doors 7.30

Pop Or Not Promotions present an evening of pop pleasures and wonky wonders:


Edward Penfold

Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks music

All in the snug setting of the Cube Microplex (an old fashioned thatre now a cinema and venue) with accompanying visuals.

Tickets: £6 advance / £8 on the door (ticket will be on sale shortly)

Snails generate moments of suburban guitar pop reverie for lonely people walking to the shops. Their sound bears the influence 60s folk and psychedelia with a peppering of 90′s pop. Mavericks such as Syd Barrett and Nico mingle with the likes of the Gorky’s or even Belle and Sebastian, though having no desire to recreate the past, Snails sensitively combine a passion for classic sounds with inventive songwritting to create their own heartfelt pop music. For this unique Bristol show they will be playing brand new material from their upcoming second LP.

“Eerie, beautiful, modestly majestic.” Stephen Pastel

Listen to Debut LP Safe in silence (2017)

+ Edward Penfold

Edward Penfold’s music is a blend of the old and the new, nostalgic but not dated. More than anything it sounds like now. It’s music from the heart, a hazy collection of sounds and moods sometimes upbeat, sometimes down but always genuine and always captivating. His lyricism reflects the eloquence and observation of a very English sort of poetry, seeing the depth in the shallows of life, the profundity in the mundane. All accepted with a matter-of-factness that is reflected in the driving impetus in every song, whether slow or fast or groovy. His new album ‘Denny Island Drive’ is due to be released on the 24th of november, but for know here’s his classic debut ‘caulkhead’:

+ Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks

After two years of ongoing collaboration and development, Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks have just released their beautiful debut LP ‘Pontvane’, Individually, both Capper and Brooks have developed back catalogues of diverse musicality and influence, incorporating elements of surf, lo-fi, Americana and psych.Their first release as a duo further emphasises this eclecticism, effortlessly stitching together disparate sonic fragments into a cohesive, compelling whole.Take a listen:

Cube Cinema Bristol
Clwb Ifor Bach presents… The Cribs

Clwb Ifor Bach

The Cribs

7:30pm | £20 | 14+

Clwb Ifor Bach are extatic to announce that we will be bringing Yorkshire’s indie rock heroes, The Cribs to Tramshed in January.

Blending quintessentially British influences like the Beatles, Sex Pistols, and the Smiths with American indie rock like Beat Happening and Bobby Conn, Yorkshire, The Cribs feature three brothers: vocalist/guitarist Ryan Jarman, bassist/vocalist Gary, and drummer Ross.

In August 2017, the band released their fantastic 7th album, 24-7 Rock Star Shit, which saw the band revisit their raw sound.

Tramshed Cardiff
Dictionary Pudding presents… Duds

Dictionary Pudding proudly present…



“When I was first told about Duds, it came with the considered opinion that the guys were far from what you’d call ‘careerists’.

“They don’t take themselves too seriously” was another comment. I could have taken this as a warning that they weren’t in to for the right reasons – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. From my perspective Duds simply won’t bend over backwards to ‘get on’. They do what they do and you can take it or leave it. I took it – with both hands… with a vice-like grip. They have the invention and urgency of Edinburgh Legends The Fire Engine’s. The Post-Punk ethic. Short songs, short sets = short album.

They’re one of the most thrilling bands I’ve seen in years – and the fact that they’re releasing this brilliant piece of work on the Castleface label adds the last piece of a perfect ‘outsider’ jigsaw puzzle. Duds sitting alongside Oh Sees, Ty Segall, White Fence, Useless Eaters et al. THERE IS A GOD!”

- Marc Riley JUNE 2017

‘You kind of know where you are (in a good way) with a band name like Duds, self-effacing in the the way only the British can be. Lacking even the qualification of the definite article! Musically they don’t disappoint either. Lead-off track ‘No Remark’ from their latest EP Wet Reduction has an element to it that doesn’t quite qualify as music (in all the right ways) a bit atonal, in some rhythm that’s not 4/4 but is somehow some kind of pop from another dimension.’

- Colin Newman (Wire)

Support TBA

Exchange, BRISTOL / WEDS 24th JAN 2018 1930


(and from all good online retailers, and Bristol Ticket Shop)

Presented by Dictionary Pudding Promotions


Exchange Bristol
1% Of One presents…. The Weather Station


The Weather Station

LABEL: Paradise of Bachelors

FFO: Nadia Reid, Joan Shelley, Aldous Harding

On her fourth (and tellingly self-titled) album as The Weather Station, Toronto based Tamara Lindeman reinvents, and more deeply roots, her extraordinary, acclaimed songcraft, framing her precisely detailed, exquisitely wrought prose-poem narratives in bolder and more cinematic musical settings. The result is her most sonically direct and emotionally candid statement to date, a work of profound urgency and artistic generosity.

“Timeless… Measured, perceptive storytelling. A singer with an unmistakable & communicative voice, able to convey hope & hurt with equal clarity.” – Pitchfork

ON SALE 10AM, 24/10/17

£8.00 adv. from

The Crofters Rights

117 – 119 Stokes Crofters

Bristol BS1 3PY

Crofters Rights Bristol
Swn presents… Spring King

Swn Presents

Spring King

7:00pm | £10 | 16+

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
1% Of One presents… Shopping / Colleen Green



Colleen Green

A ridiculous double headline bill to defeat all other double headline bills, we welcome the excellent art-punk trio SHOPPING and lo-fi Los Angeles pop star COLLEEN GREEN to Bristol.

The former are prepping their second record via Fat Cat, and teased it with pool party jerker ‘The Hype’, whilst Colleen is currently polishing her fourth LP. Expect a new material injection from all!

£8.00 adv. from


72-73 Old Market Street

Bristol, BS2 0EJ

Exchange Bristol

Clwb Ifor Bach


7:30pm | £7.00 | 16+

Date Change – Due to unforeseen circumstances, HAUS have had to change the date for this upcoming show. It’ll now be on the 8th of February 2018. Refunds are available at your point of purchase or alternatively your November tickets will be valid for the February date.

The Tottenham 5 piece have announced an extensive 11 date headline UK Tour. Since roaring out of the gate with scintillating hooks and joyous melodies, Haus have gained an avid following.

Releasing track after track of glistening indie pop, Clash labelled their single Blinded an “astute, mature yet wholly engrossing pop that has made them so sought after”.

Don’t miss them in Clwb Ifor Bach in February!

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Abstract Orchestra Does Dilla

Clwb Ifor Bach

Abstract Orchestra Does Dilla

7:30pm | £15 | 18+

Abstract Orchestra will be tributing one of hip-hop’s greatest beatmakers, J Dilla in February, the anniversary of his birth & death.

Jay Dee worked with the buggest acts in the hip hop world, like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Common and loads more as well as being an integral part of the genres development.

Who better to tribute than the world class orchestra, hinged on hip hop, Abstract Orchestra?

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Swine Language & RJ present… Drab Majesty / Dune Messiah



Drab Majesty is an inter-dimensional platform aimed at channeling aural and visual messages founded by a human being from Los Angeles in 2013. The human communes directly with it’s spiritual muse/assumed alter-ego Deb Demure to demonstrate the power in relinquishing ownership to a divine design, thereby handing inspiration over to the spirit world – essentially serving as a contractor in business with the Collective Consciousness.

Relying on those principles, Drab Majesty, from its inception, set out to achieve no specific style, yet over the span of a European tour, several US tours, an LP entitled “Careless” (released and reissued 3 times on DAIS Records), 2 cassette EP’s, and a 7-inch on (Weyrd Son/Brussels), Deb has honed in on a pointed aesthetic.

While inherently guitar-driven music in the vain of The Chameleons or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Drab Majesty’s sound is often nuanced by ethereal washes of icy keyboards and arpeggiated synthesizers, backed by heavy mechanized percussion and forked pulsing synth bass, all adorned with reverb-laden vocals reminiscent of a hallowed cathedral.

In the past two years Deb has been invited to support bands such as Psychic TV, Clan of Xymox, The Frozen Autumn, Prayers, and label mates Youth Code and King Dude to name a few. Part alien, part mime, part priestess — yet all summed up in the feeble form of a human looking body, Deb Demure aims to serve as a musical and visual medium marrying the void and the form.

+ support from

DUNE MESSIAH (Denmark – Third Coming Records)


Valentines Day

Wednesday 14th February 2018

The Moon, Cardiff

Advance Tickets – £8

18+ (please bring I.D.)

Physical tickets available from Spillers Records (Cardiff) + Diverse Music (Newport) + from the venue.

Moon Club Cardiff
Icicle Works

Clwb Ifor Bach

Icicle Works

7:00pm | £17.50 | 18+

Following Icicle Works cancelled gig in October (due to illness), we can’t wait to welcome Icicle Works to Clwb Ifor Bach in February 2018.

All tickets purchased for the October gig are still valid, or a refund is available at your point of purchase.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Fat Paul presents… Nadja / Erthona / Stereocilia
Exchange Bristol
Swn presents… Dead!

Swn Presents


+ Special Guests

7:00pm | £8 | 16+

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff

Clwb Ifor Bach


7:00pm | £16 | 18+

We can’t wait to welcome brit pop sensations, Space here to Clwb Ifor Bach in March 2018!

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Funk Puffin & Wave presents… The Electric Swing Circus

Electric Swing Circus

7:00pm | £12.00 | 18+

Funk Puffin & Wave Presents: The Electric Swing Circus

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

Clwb Ifor Bach

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

7:00pm | £12.50 | 16+

Folk duo, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker will be coming to Clwb Ifor Bach in the spring of 2018.

Crafting their elegant and sophisticated sounds through lush chamber ensemble orchestrations and expressive, adroit guitar technique, the pair create something uniquely stunning.

The way this duo inhabit songs that are sometimes centuries old, making them personal and present again, while also pricking the heart with their own tales of everyday love and loss makes the music of Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker a rare and precious thing.

Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
Swn presents… Belly

Fronted by Tanya Donelly, Grammy nominated and acclaimed for their tracks Feed The Tree and Gepetto from their album Star.

Glee Club Cardiff

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