This is a rather sweet bill that bulges with strength and contains no weak link whatsoever. Each act complements and strengthens the other; they should totally have an all-on-stage free for all at the end of the night. In the red corner: Alexander Tucker, a Kent-based mystic hairball who loops groaning cello, wyrd synths and creaking finger-picked guitar into spooky incantations and haunted forests. New album ‘Dorwytch’ has enough hidden ghosts to really fuck Yvonne Fielding. Seriously recommended. In the blue corner: a man called Rhodri Viney, also known as Ratatosk. More guitar looping here, along with melodica, musical saw and probably another four recently learnt instruments thrown in. Swaying, creepy, bleakly beautiful songs of shipwreck and madness are the result. Trawl our website to see the superlatives we’ve thrown his way. Talented bastard. And in the, er, green corner, Murray Ward’s one man avant blitz of junk shop drones and sideways percussion. The Failed NASA Experiment is his delivery method for blissful, unpredictable noise and beauty, a circle of instruments and equipment creaking towards triumph. Scientists predict Ten Feet Tall to reach escape velocity several times this evening.

Sunday 4th September
£6 adv WeGotTickets/ 10 Feet Tall / Spillers Records / £7 doors

Acoustic finger-picking, experimental electronics, spooked vocals – ATP artist ALEXANDER TUCKER combines compositional song structures, drones, layered vocals and improvisations in a collection of spectral moods, eerie landscapes and fragile emotions. Plus excellent support from RATATOSK and THE FAILED NASA EXPERIMENT.

Alexander Tucker MySpace

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