Chris Pureka

Birkenstomp presents: CHRIS PUREKA with support from FAITH TAYLOR, and AMO REX

We are absolutely chuffed and delighted to present to you one of our favourite artists of all time, Chris Pureka. It’s not customary for Birkenstomp to host a non-local artist but on this first and only occasion, we’ve made an exception… exceptions made for exceptional artists! And to make this even more special, we’re bringing in two old-time favourites of Birkenstomp, Faith Taylor and Amo Rex. Not only are they both brilliant musicians (I know, I’ve checked), but they’re also long-time fans of Chris Pureka, making this gig one massive labour of love.

A bit more about Chris:

“Throughout her career, Pureka has prized autonomy over ease. She has released her all of her albums independently and plays upwards of 200 dates a year, enabling her to maintain a great deal of control over her process. That independent streak is also felt throughout How I Learned To See In The Dark. Pureka’s co-producer and longtime friend, Merrill Garbus (4Ad’s tUnE-YaRds) lent her signature quirky recording techniques and knack for alternative instrumentation to the album, helping Pureka expand her sound into as-yet uncharted territory. While maintaining her unique alchemy of longing, loss and hope, there is a sonic adventurism on How I Learned To See In The Dark that marks a new stage in Pureka’s musical evolution. “I wanted it to feel different right away,” Pureka explains. “and ‘Wrecking Ball’ exemplifies many of the elements that are different from the last record.” That difference is a newfound edginess, coupled with a more abstract sound: there is a musical depth and complexity that shines through each track, all the while maintaining the space and creative instrumentation Pureka is known for.”

A bit more about Faith:

We came to know Faith when she played an Afiach gig at the Well’s Hotel. We managed to blag her from Afiach (thanks Efa Supertramp) to play at Birkenstomp, where we were treated to an eye-opening, awe-inspiring display of finger wizardry and awesome lyrics. And then she played a Chris Pureka cover and the founder of Birkenstomp got very excited and asked if Faith would support Chris at a future, yet-to-be-organised gig (there was a lot of drink involved at the time so the details were decidedly vague). Faith said yes and we drank some more.

A bit more about Amo:

We came to know Amo through Kate Boddington, our resident vagina-cupcake-making supporter of Birkenstomp. We heard that Amo could play and, being enthusiastic about the original premise of the gig (put as many women on the stage as absolutely possible before our core audience grows old), we asked if she would perform at Birkenstomp. She said yes, she wowed (she sounds a lot like Chris Pureka, actually) and some girls threw their underwear at her (that last bit’s not strictly true, but I think the sentiment holds).

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