Los Cripis!


Los Cripis


The return of the best DIY shonkypop band from Buenos Aires IN THE WORLD. Raw, simple and fun tunes played by tiddly rapscallions, if you didn’t see them play last year you owe it to your hips and your brain to get down and see em.






Jemma Roper


Here at Joy we have deep love for Cardiff’s futuristic art-rock boudica. With her powerful backing band Jemma Roper broods on the great depression and brings the sexiest, pulsating, sexy songs about dying in forests you will ever hear.






The first outing for Stacking Chairs side project featuring local hero Adam Jones making strange sounds coming out of a saxamaphone of all things. A spectacular spectacle and not one to miss.


+ DJ Lazy Raymond


All this for £5. Bloody hell, we’re good to you.


Los poster. Guess who made it?

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