A showcase of current projects from the music MA students at University of Wales, Newport.


A live solo drumming project, performed by live looping, building up layers and triggering audio samples via an electronic drum kit and Ableton live. Within my set I exploring Drum and Bass and Dubstep, using only found sounds I have recorded and manipulated, creating different grooves and textures in an improvise manner.


Currently exploring ways of invoking an audience to dance with the use of varying tribal, loose, rigid grooves whilst layering guitar licks and noise and an ambient, distorted vocal that is looped and layered live. Each performance intends to be improvised and fun to watch, taking one on a rhythmic sonic experience.


Presenting tracks from Deep In Mind’s first Album “Guerilla” due to be released this summer by Namaha Records (India).


As Ginko, I conduct a unique tailored performance almost entirely made up of home-made electronic instruments. My instruments are designed with play and performance in mind, and light is used as a compositional control. I incorporate electronic components into my instruments that react to light, causing the instruments to react in a number of ways. Performance is best in darkness, where it can be brought to life using torches, but spaces that offer interesting possibilities with sunlight and shadows are also perfect. Ginko’s music is the result of years of multilateral experiences and an imagined sound. It is made up of home-made electronic drones, looped vocal uttering through home-made microphones, hacked electronic devices such as consumer radios and Yamaha keyboards and an adaption of no-input mixing feedback techniques (à la Toshimaru Nakamura) through home-made matrix mixing consoles.


“Two chance encounters in 2010 with the work of Anglesey’s reclusive instrument builder Heulog Ifans have taken over my life as both a collector/archivist and as a way of interrogating my own musical practice. I have been restoring and recreating some of the studio equipment and instruments that Ifans made in his lifetime but there is a technique on his recording ‘Good Boy’ by the band ‘Dogggss’ that I haven’t yet been able to decipher. I suspect that the audio has been narrowed into frequency spectrums that have had different panning effects applied which combine as a glistening swirl of sound. For dialogue I will attempt to recreate this effect in software, as part of a performance, with a view to later recreate it with appropriate analogue technologies.”

Great chance to collaborate or just to observe.


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