And you probably think you’re a Renaissance man just because you can hum a tune whilst making a cup of tea. Jon Langford’s come a long way since occupying the drummer’s stool in The Mekons – having switched to guitar during that band’s conversion from shonky original punkers to superb yeehawing Americana dudes, Langford’s been pretty good at carrying the fire into his solo work too. Though now resident in Chicago, Langford was actually born in Newport (1998′s ‘Skull Orchard’ is a revisting of the one time new Seattle), making this a hometown, prodigal chap returning affair of sorts. And if you’re coming back, it may as well be to brandish a triple-headed art/book/music flourish: a quick Google image search will confirm Langford’s talent for gothic, bone dry imagery, to go with the evident melodic chops. What a total bastard.

Art Exhibition and Book Launch – 6.30pm, wine will be served.

Live Show – 8.30 pm
Special Guests – Two Marks and a Frank, Guto Dafis + Gary Inight.

Tickets £6 for Live Show – Call (01633) 264581 or (01633) 673739 to book.

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