So is that pronounced “Juff-ij” and “Juff-ahj”? Depends on how posh you are I suppose, or whether you’ve visited Jeff Smith’s Soundcloud page, which (slick linkage here) contains not only the man himslef introducing a radio session but also music that should make you want to go and see him play live. Loudly. The Juffage sound rises from Smith and his array of battered instruments, drums and guitar and voice and keyboards and cassettes all looped and clanging together in an awkward swirl of distressed rock noise. This one man band thing is possibly getting a little old hat in your eyes, but not ours; Smith keeps the magic trick fresh with a winning layer of naivity and borderline shambolic charm, and you should see him at least once in your cruddy existence.


Tuesday 31st May 8pm
10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
Ages: 18+
£3 entry

Solo multi-instrumentalist from Leeds via Chicago, playing a band’s worth of instruments.

Through the use of cassettes, drums, guitars and assorted other loop-pedals and gadgets, JUFFAGE creates complex yet surprisingly catchy pop songs.

Plus ‘looptop’ sounds from LOCATION BAKED –


Juffage / Alto Rising

Mothers Ruin, 01/06/11

Some stuff about Jeff Pls read:

post-post-post rock
jeff t. smith
leeds b/w chicago
Record label
function records
brand new juffage website: …..also, juffage discography here: live videos here: summer of glory on itunes:

Juffage is Jeff T. Smith, a solo sound artist and multi-instrumentalist from Leeds, via Chicago, Illinois. He is often seen in bars, art galleries, and basements with a band’s worth of instruments.

A recording enthusiast at heart, he has spent time in some of Chicago’s finest studios including Engine Studios (w/ Brian Deck), and Electrical Audio (w/ Steve Albini). Live shows see him coming up with inventive new ways of bringing his multi-layered recordings to the stage.


Alto Rising:

Alto Rising are not just another faceless band whose aspirations end at playing pubs. They are currently studying at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music whose graduates include The Kooks. Having supported Morning Parade follwing their signing to Parlophone, Alto Rising have gone from strength to strength with Vocals reminiscent of Incubus and instantly memorable guitar hooks. I dare you to listen to “Clockwork Girl” and be humming the opening line for the rest of the day.

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