Future Of The Left frontman Andrew Falkous said of this band; “The first time I saw them play I felt a burning sensation on my arm and realised that I had developed eczema.”

Make of that quote what you will, the band were last seen in these parts supporting Falkous’ band and have been the FOTL support act of choice over the past couple of years Jon Lee from the band is responsible for the Curses artwork and the first few singles).  Normally seen in the scary frightmasks pictured above, these Mancunians come bearing precision-tooled riffs and sludgy menace in fine Shellac/Jesus Lizard/Oxes style.  Their penchant for heavily sellotaped faces and intensely powerful and mesmerizing performances marks them out as truly unique and not to be missed.

Kong’s relentless sonic assault against all things conventional and boring gathers momentum with the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album, Snake Magnet.  The CD comes with a DVD of concert footage, (check it out before Friday) and actually isn’t as terrifying as you might think.  For all their volume and awkwardness, the album retains The Jesus Lizards knack for a catchy riff.

Previous grinding, intense and greasily funky singles ‘Blood of a Dove’ and ‘Leather Penny’ blazed a trail for their unconventional sound and showcased their devastating ability to craft heavy, ferocious punk songs.  These early glimpses promised much; and Snake Magnet does not disappoint.  Bruising bass-lines, face-meltingly intense guitar riffs, beautifully fashioned soundscapes and hauntingly bleak and isolated vocals combine to form an album dripping with existential angst.

“Welcome to Kong’s world. It’s a world of heavy punk and sellotaped faces (leading to pretty scary gigs). You’d be mad not to enter – and you’ll probably leave it madder still”
- Artrocker

“Manchester mob definitively kick the pop out of the punk with this raw and abrasive track with a hefty dose of Fugazi lurking beneath the surface.”Kerrang

“Kong might just be the best band in Britain right now. Ferociously powerful, stunningly inventive, and equal doses of scary and humorous.”
- Dirtyzine


Stealthily gathering a fearsome reputation for unassuming yet powerful scene-stealing support turns, awesome monolithic and mathy slow-building guitar-and-drum workouts from quietly magnificent ex-Mountain Men Anonymous pair.


Cracking White Stripes-meet-Hot Snakes moves from wisecracking Cardiff power trio bringing hyperactive drumming, bluesy riffing and double denim-clad banter.

£6.00 doors
7.30pm – 10.00pm
Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
Friday 17th July 2009

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