Full on swoon mode now and unapologetic for it: La Sera may be bottom of the bill but her music is full of the horrible gut ache of love, wrapped in a shimmering gauze of cooing vocals and woozy, dreamy ’60s tones. And if you’re thinking that sounds twee or wet, bear in mind Katy Goodman comes from the Vivian Girls, and could kick your arse easier than thinking about it. One listen to ‘Never Come Around’ and your heart will bust open. Other bands are on this bill; they don’t matter.

P.S. Blurb below left uncorrected as an example of failing literary standards. (Obviously we never make mistakes)


Saturday 19th
No Need To Shout Present:
Good Natured – Live
David’s Lyre – Live
La Sera – Live
We Like To Party Dj’s
10.00pm – 03.ooam / £4/£3/£2

Tonight sees 3 of 2011’s hopefuls brought together to see what all the talk is about.

Good Natured : Sarah McIntosh is a 18-year-old from Berkshire McIntosh’s debut EP is called Warriors In four songs each and an electro-pop gem show such a total understanding of the genre’s nuances and emotional / emotions less contradictions at once she goes to a compelling new talent Her second EP Your body is a machine that was released on Rough Trade

David’s Lyre : Originally hailing from London and currently based in Manchester, the mainly self-produced sound of David’s Lyre mixes dance infused, often grime-like beats with simple but brilliant melodies, and an outstanding voice.
La Sera are a new band formed by the bassest of The Vivian Girls. They recently played and STB and blew us away.

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