Okay, this one’s pretty simple. Pintogram are a punk rock band who dress as Lucha wrestlers and play songs about fighting and Mexican food. I mean, let’s not deconstruct things too much. You don’t get sick of finding pound coins on the floor, or watching tall buildings get demolished do you? And they rock out pretty well in our opinions, so we request your presence at the front for this one. Some quality lurking in the support acts too: check out Spider Kitten and Atomck’s way with growling, blasting noise and queasy, sonic harrassment. More fun than organising an anti-Hooters campaign. ¡que os divirtáis!


Olah muchachos! We are Pintogram, born from a drunken conversation about Lucha (Mexican Wrestling). Always looking for new ways to hurt ourselves for the entertainment of others we formed. We sing songs about Lucha, fighting and Mexican food. You will not know our faces for this is not for you to see, our masks are our identity and our pride. We try to incourage as many fellow Lucha to attend our shows as possible, if you have a mascaras, wear it to our show, it makes sense to us. ALL VIOLENCE, NO MALICE!

Spider Kitten
I Am Absolute

Fourth Autumn

£5 on the door

Theres a very special raffle happening too, raffle tickets come with door entrance

All in aid of raising funds for the AMECA trust http://www.ameca.org

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