Lesson No.1 presents…

A man with a beard and a lady who looks like a character from a webcomic come from Canada to Wales for one night only. While here they intend to send you into paroxysms of pleasedness with a really fantastic musical meeting of shoegazing, ambient drone, doom metal and electronics. Releases on rad labels like The End, Profound Lore, 20 Buck Spin and others. http://www.myspace.com/nadjaluv

Fallen Painting is the occasional project of Nickie Charles, a South Wales vocalist – currently living in Scotland – whose recordings and rare gigs have showcased a skill for acousto-electronic (is that even a term?) experimentation and folky mystery. It really is pretty uncategorisable but ought to be seen. She’s collaborated with members of THE DEATH OF HER MONEY and THE SOUND OF AIRCRAFT ATTACKING BRITAIN before, not sure who’ll be onstage for this one. It’s not really up to me is it.

Bristol-based doom sludge exorcism with members of a bunch of bands from around the way (MEA CULPA and ROSE KEMP’s band). For fans of KHANATE, SWANS, MONARCH, NEUROSIS. It’s good this, isn’t it? Even though we’re basically just listing chocolate bars. http://www.myspace.com/caricaturesband

Buffalo Bar : Cardiff : 20.03.09

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