Riot Act! Promotions goes Australian.

THE SPIRAL are an Indie Rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Based in London who have their single launch at Le Pub On Friday 6th March called Keep on Moving on Newport’s own 48V Record Label.

The Spiral began in 2007 when Adam, Danny and Harry united paths on their rock journey quickly generating a reputation as a high energy, hard working, super-catchy rock trio. Embracing the past while creating the future, for these guys, music is a no-apologies way of life. “Last time I saw ‘The Spiral’, they were just starting to unwind after a high-energy show. What stuck in mind was the super-tight performance, summoning the hard edges of psych-rock in the Doors or the Kinks, replete with screaming valve guitar sounds, huge, dynamic drumming and bouncy basslines that stay right in the pocket. Not content to let the energy of the show fade, the boys are chatting to excited fans and passing out copies of their new demo. With the strains of excellent rock still vibrating in my head, I’m not sure which of the Spiral’s charms struck me the hardest – the distinctiveness of this 3-piece band that sounds and plays like a 4-piece, or perhaps the timelessness of the sound that pays as much tribute to pushing new rock boundaries as it does to vintage rock n’ roll. ‘The Spiral’ will rock you.” Quinn, Gracenote Studios.

OK are the best kept secret in British music. Built around the timeless pop melodies of Joe Paine, they are the fresh-faced ambassadors of Indie. After spending 3 years developing in the western wilderness of Wales they are ready to unveil themselves to the wider World.

Ok have a pure English pop sensibility. Reference points are The Kinks, The Smiths, The Libertines and Syd Barret era Floyd. Stiff upper lips, haunted houses and wishing wells, all far, far away in the world of ok.

Anyone who loves bright guitars, lyrical wit and a wistful smile will fall deeply and madly in love with these boys, they’ve got the hooks and looks to reel you in. So surrender willingly to the joyful noise of the saviours of British pop – ok
- Ok often try to dress up smart for gigs but usually end up looking scruffy.
- Ok sometimes want to throw their equipment off a cliff.
- Ok are not all fans of Morrissey. – Ok songs are initially written by Joe (the singer) then helped made into ‘proper’ songs by the rest of the band (Ollie – guitar, Adam – bass and Theo – drums).
- Ok are aware that they have the hardest name to search for of all time, and are sorry.

1987 are one of the most talked about up and coming young rock bands in Cardiff. With an average age of 17, 1987 play their own brand of Indie hard rock and every time they play their reputation is growing. With a new E.P coming very soon, and their first video on the way, 1987 are a must see band for the future. Check them out!

Ready or Not are from Newport South Wales, the band hasn’t been together for long, only about 2/3 months yet we’ve already managed to headline a show in a packed hometown venue.
We class our genre as Pop Punk/Rock/Indie. Our main influences include the likes of ‘All Time Low’, ‘Mayday Parade’, ‘Hit the Lights’, and ‘Kids in Glass Houses’. We are all also really into unsigned bands which influence us a lot such as ‘Blackchalk’, ‘Save Your Breath’, and ‘Marks Set Go’. We all love playing live and just having as much fun as possible whilst playing and making our music. We try not to take anything too seriously, which I think gives us the edge in our music that we’re all just in it for fun.

Doors 20.00
Tickets Adv £6.00(S.T.B.F) Diverse, Rockaway, In Exile, and Spillers

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  1. nice one guys!
    thought i’d point out, you linked 1987′s myspace to ours on their name.

    ben – ready or not

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