New Year’s resolutions.  Lenten abstinence.  All so much self-congratulatory balls, of course.  Though if I were inclined to make any self-improvement pledges in regard to the Joy site, they’d be summarised roughly as 1. Review some gigs, preferably while they’re still in the memory.  2. Broaden your vocabulary (and do something about all those hyphens).  3. Stop referring to SATURDAY’S KIDS as fast-improving, promising, still-evolving, etc etc.  This is the pertinent one here; that sort of talk is all well-meant and good but the Monmouthshire foursome now come fully formed and with a pretty breathtaking stylistic range.  Leaping all over the map from squally post-hardcore and  curdled slow-motion Melvins chugging to moody, drawn-out Daydream Nation buildups and triumphant Trail Of Dead grandstanding, their steady stream of releases hits a peak with this new five-tracker if the samples at their Bandcamp are anything to go by.  The many tentacles of the hardcore underground have clearly welcomed them and aided their growth, with split-label EPs and impressively ambitious UK and European tours stacking up at a rate beyond the ambition of 90% of their South Wales peers.  This should be a deservedly triumphant headline show for them.

It’s cracking value for money, too, with an excellent and varied supporting cast; the glowering, hyper-tight DC hardcore bullets of HARBOUR, their former split-album partners FACEL VEGA’s freewheeling, noisy and tuneful variations on post-hardcore and the grungy post-punk enthusiasm of OUI MESSY all offer very different, very welcome spins on common influences and share total dedication to that good old cheap, sweaty fun.  Get down there, get involved, fling as much of your hard-earned at you can at their endeavours.  This one’s a celebration.


Thursday 7th April

Record Release Party!

Slamming out yet another release…this time a 5 track 10″ ep/mini album on Bombed out Records, Art For Blind & Time as Colour.

This Self Tited 10″ ep is a change in sound again heading
further into Sonic Youth & …Trail of Dead territory with sprawling soundscapes & tense building guitar lines and even proper singing! All housed in sweet hand-screened artwork!

First show of a 3 week tour of UK & Mainland Europe.



Wannabe 80s harDCore…think Dag Nasty, Articles of Faith, Kill Your Idols. Fast & hard but with jangly & weird guitar lines that make your brain go funny…Harbs ♥ Boss Super Chorus Pedals!

Gwalia Deserta 7″ out on Carry The Weight Records now.



Ace punk from Porthcawl…groovy bass lines, squealing guitars & raw vocals…think Rites of Spring.



3 cardiff lads playing lo-fi distorted pop, weird single note guitar hooks and feedback, devo with no keyboards or jumpsuits.



Doors: 8pm/// Entry £4 ////

Undertone (Underneath Ten Feet Tall)
12 Church St,
CF10 1BG

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