Photo by Jacqui Sadler.

This is the first date of a 9 show UK tour that Saturday’s Kids and Facel Vega are embarking on in December. Also hopefully Facel Vega’s debut LP “The Body” will be out in time. Get ready for squealing feedback, rushed guitars and bombastic noise from two of the most awesome post-hardcore / punk bands in the UK.


Taking their musical cues from the likes of Fugazi, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, Mission Of Burma and Sonic Youth, Saturday’s Kids are nothing if not currently unique in our fair land. They specialise in tense, interwoven guitar soundscapes that build until the post-rock ends and all you’re left with is pure, unfettered hardcore punk, all the while little flourishes of melodic guitar add texture.


Sounding like a DC band straight out of the revolution summer era of 85″, Facel Vega play with an emotional intensity that is hard to match. Anyone who enjoys rights of spring will love Facel Vega. This may also be the first show you can get your hand on their debut LP “The Body” which is coming out on Art For Blind.


Fast, fast and even faster hardcore. Harbour are experts in making intellectually aggressive hardcore, they will make you mosh and think at the same time. Their debut 7 ” Gwalia Deserta on Carry The Weight records is one of the best hardcore 7″‘s of recent years. For fans of Dag Nasty, Government Issue and Articles of Faith,


Heavy, drawn out stoner rock with a hardcore edge in the vein of Sabbath, Baroness, Mastodon, Sleep. Guaranteed to make you head bang, or make your brain hurt from their heavy chords.


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