If there’s anything a ravenous, buzz-hungry music press likes, it’s a bit of mystery.  It’s all too easy to mount a blanket assault on every journo, DJ and blogger with a pair of ears, and persistence probably does pay off what, one in a thousand times?  If you really want them camped outside your door though, keep ‘em at arm’s length.  The steady rumble about Manchester four-piece WU LYF is practically a masterclass in teasing attention from all corners.  A few songs popped up on their website, accompanied by videos made up of grainy stock footage and cut n’ paste sloganeering artwork, the only pictures suggesting a masked collective of up to a dozen in number.  Their only live dates came at a tiny Manchester coffee shop.  So far, so achingly self-absorbed.  Are they any cop, though?  Well, yeah; the songs are lengthy, meditative psychedelic rambles characterised by Ellery Roberts’ bizarre Tom Waits-channelling mid-Atlantic rasp and often indecipherable, anthemic gang vocals.  Not bad for starters, certainly.  Could be another of those ten-a-penny Skins-friendly bands wandering about with drums over their shoulders and pigeon chests out, or could be something genuinely decent.
Support, if you scour the internet for long enough (hey promoters/venues!  more information please) is s. maharba, a dude from Ipswich with a very nice line in muffled hip-hop beats and treacly psych-soul melodies like warped 1970s soundtrack albums.  Lots of stuff to hear on the web link below, all recommended.
SJM Concerts present…

Wu Lyf plus s. maharba
Bristol Start The Bus
8.00pm doors
£7.50 + BF

WU LYF is nothing; 4 dumb kids, looking for a place to call home, I don’t feel at home here, outside my house is my home, y’all getting screen glare tans and forgetting about the soil outside, the dirt, we’re heading for a place to play heavy, where your mother holds you with the love of the world…


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