Take a Worm for a Walk Week!
I have to admit – I wanted to see Scottish extreme mentalcore band Take a Worm for a Walk Week as soon as I’d seen their hilarious name on a flyer somewhere in deepest The Port. Being rather skint I noticed that they were playing on my next pay day. And when I found out from my emigrated mate that they’d toured previously with electro-razorcore band Genghis Tron I just had to go to this gig..

Boys with X-ray Eyes were due to play but they pulled out at the last moment. The gig maintained an international line up. Take a Worm for a Walk Week from Glasgow supported by The Network (USA) and White Boys for Gay Jesus (!) from somewhere called England.. WBFGJ were a tight band with all the complexities and insane drumming required of this “genre” (screeeeemo!). People’s ears pricked up after all the screaming and beat mashing when Jamie, the guitarist, switched to the keyboard/sampler rack to the right of the stage and unleashed dirty ambient loops and trip-hoppy beats into our pints; the other guitarist adding some Metallica-esque octave-doubling sustained notes. Groovy. Memorable for their vocal intensity and range, use of electronica and all round metal/emo/screamo intensity.

The Network – not to be confused with the Green Day alter ego band of the same name – played a real cold, harsh set. The lack of bassist subtracted from any warmth that may have been present in the mix. They take a simpler approach to their sound and composition to focus on feeling and vibe – rather than time signatures and haircuts etc!! Sludgy yet scrapy…. Coldly intense.. Chatting to one of the band members I could see how all the bands concerned were in awe of the prospect of touring with TAWFAWW.

Take a Worm for a Walk Week hit us with an intensity and complexity I’ve seen compared to The Locust and Melt Banana but they take a different approach to any band I’ve ever seen – just as the sound of the track starts to develop and you feel yourself getting “into it” some of the songs just end. Abruptly. And that’s it. It’s almost painful. Your brain hasn’t got time to process or memorise what’s happening. Whereas a lot of bands will take a riff and repeat it hundreds of times TAWFAWW will maybe play that riff or section of a song just, like, once or twice or just not very many times at all. The shortening of the tracks seem to energise rather than tire you like a longer tune could.

The drummer, Johnny, plays with the ease and flow of John Entwhistle (R.I.P.) playing the bass guitar and seemed to be having a great time with his kit set up like some classic jazz drummer – all low, laid back, knee height stuff. Take a Worm play shortened, me(n)tal tracks with some of the most complex, flowing drum lines you may never hear. Check them out if you like your dish served heavy but not too fattening…


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