Would be nice to think Johana puts ‘woman asleep on trampoline’ on her rider every time she plays a gig, but this is her first one so who knows? The quiet lady shows few signs of nerves during her short set, busying herself behind her table of keyboard gadgets, creating dreamy swirls of homemade twee, sweet and ethereal, or like like Psapp without the bloody toys. And yeah, more eyes head trampoline-wards once the young dancer wakes up, and starts thrashing and bouncing to the music. I love Chapter.

All credit to tonight’s hosts PeppermintPatti for creating bills that allow theatrical flourish to mesh into gold standard songwriting. Bands feel connected without immediately clear joins. And starting a set with an overload of sampled bird chatter is always good. This is Fallen Painting’s intro, and quickly gives way to John Ruddick’s slow, shuddering laptop beats, overlaid with Nicola Charles’ icedrop vocal touches, riding high overhead, twisted into the music. Technical problems result in a curtailed performance; what’s left is unsettling and beautiful enough. Like a ghost walking through you.

There’s not a huge amount of difference between Golden Disko Ship tonight, and Golden Disko Ship in May, the last time Teresa Stroetges played this venue, save maybe some extra steel in the belly. Which means: one woman with guitar and laptop, homemade films behind her, and hopelessly great music. GDS songs are like daydreams put through mirrors: frazzled loops cluster and writhe, or congregate slowly from their bedroom origins, Theresa’s vocals picking paths through the fractures. Even the films behind her are triumphant rather than twee, capturing a childlike sense of wonder, without making you want to throttle the nearest stranger. Endless rabbits from the hat: what a great night.

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